Executive Committee membership shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Chairs of the Standing Committees (chosen from the elected Senate membership) and the past Chair of the Professional Staff Senate who will serve ex officio. This committee will function as the Committee on Committees and will be responsible for forwarding names to the appropriate offices to serve on University Committees. This committee shall also serve as an advisory committee to standing and ad hoc committees.

Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (AIDE)

Chair: Yongabi Ngoh

The Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (AIDE) Committee supports Binghamton University's mission to provide an educational environment that advances accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and equity through advocacy, raising awareness, amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices and celebrating diverse cultures and traditions.


Chair: Kaitlin Maynard

The Communications Committee shall be charged with the responsibility of establishing a positive and visible professional image on campus. Through a variety of activities and working with such offices as Alumni Affairs, Admissions, and Publications, this committee will seek to educate faculty, administration, parents, students, and staff about the contributions professional staff make on this campus. This committee shall be responsible for producing an end-of-year report on the activities of professional staff at Binghamton, working with a staff member from Inside and developing, with the appropriate offices, an effective communications network on campus. The Chair of this committee shall meet with the Binghamton University Office of Communications at the beginning of his/her term for training. 

Evaluation Coordinating

Chair: Manar Sabry

The Evaluation Coordinating Committee shall be charged with conducting regular evaluations of senior administrators who have significant responsibilities involved with professional staff. These positions include, but are not limited to: the President, the Vice President for each division, and the Chief Diversity Officer.

Financial Impact Review

Chair: Brendan McGovern

The Financial Impact Review Committee shall be charged with informing the Professional Staff Senate and its constituency about divisional and institutional budgets and representing professional staff concerns with regard to campus financial policies. This shall take the form of hosting division leaders at Financial Impact Review Committee meetings and reporting on the impact of University and divisional finance decisions on professional staff.

Professional Development

Chair: Tian Burte

The Professional Development Committee shall be charged with sharing development opportunities for professional staff at Binghamton. This will be done by gathering information from constituents on their professional development needs, overseeing the administration of the Professional Development Grant, administering the Colleague Connection program, planning two professional development programs each year and coordinating the Fall and Spring Networking events.


Chair: Kaitlin Maynard

This committee is charged with shining a light on campus professionals who contribute invaluably to the campus community, and to their profession, through exemplary service.  This is accomplished through the annual solicitation of award nominations and through the ultimate selection of two of those nominated professionals for receipt of the Senate's Distinguished Service Award.  Eligible award applicants include all Senate Represented Employees from the Research Foundation, M/C, and UUP.  Formal recognition takes place at the Senate constituency luncheon each fall.  It is the pleasure of the Recognition committee to organize and execute this annual event. 


Chair: Caitlin Cavanaugh

The Rules Committee shall be responsible for establishing the Standard Operating Procedures, for reviewing them on an annual basis, and for reviewing all changes and making recommendations on the Senate's and Committees' procedures. The Rules Committee is responsible for running elections. Related duties include verification of constituency lists, establishing slates of candidates for general elections, tallying the votes, notifying the elected candidates and their supervisors of the election results. Prior to the final meeting in June, the Rules Committee, in consultation with the Executive Committee, establishes a slate of officers to be voted on for the next year. The Rules Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing, revising, and refining the By-Laws, as needed.