Professional Staff Senate


Committee membership is open to all professional staff. You do not have to be a senator to join. 

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The Communications Committee establishes a positive and visible professional image on campus for PSS by managing all social media networks, the newsletter, and the webpage.

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Recognition committee shines a light on campus professionals who contribute invaluably to the campus community, and to their profession, through exemplary service. This committee hosts the Distinguished Service Award and oversees the PROPS Award.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee organizes professional development opportunities, oversees the Colleague Connection program, and administers PSS's professional development grant. 

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The Rules Committee reviews the PSS governing documents, recommends necessary updates, and assists the Senate and committees with the orderly flow of business. It is also responsible for all aspects of senatorial elections.

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Budget Review

The Budget Review committee evaluates institutional budgets prior to the presentation of such budgets to SUNY Central and prior to implementing campus budgetary policies.

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The Evaluation Coordinating Committee (ECC) conducts periodic evaluations of senior administrators at Binghamton University. The ECC develops and distributes evaluation surveys to professional staff across campus, and then writes a summary report that is shared with the evaluee and the President.

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Campus Committee Representation

Members of PSS represent professional staff on a variety of campus committees from search committees to auxiliary services. Periodic calls for these committees will be made at the bi-weekly meeting or via the list-serv. More information can be found on the Campus Committees page