Global Affairs and Int'l Law

Global Affairs and International Law

Interactions and relationships among the world’s countries are seen to have an ever-increasing impact on markets, economies, societies, cultures, and legal systems. This growing interdependence creates difficult challenges and exciting opportunities for lawyers, judges, businesses and policy makers. Students in the Global Affairs and International Law concentration will acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare them to help firms, organizations and governments meet these challenges and benefit from these opportunities.

To complete the concentration in Global Affairs and International Law, at least six of the twelve courses a student takes to complete the PPL major must come from the list of Global Affairs and International Law classes below.

A guide to completing the concentration can be found here:  [PDF Guide]


Philosophy Courses:

PHIL 344: Buddhist Ethics
PHIL 380J: Human Rights & Development
PHIL 455: Advanced Philosophy of Law
PHIL 456F: Issues in Climate Justice
PHIL 456G: Access to Essential Medicines
PHIL 456H: International Law & Justice
PHIL 456K: War and Terrorism
PHIL 457B: Morality of Violent Conflicts
PHIL 458K: What We Owe to the Global Poor
PHIL 480A: Genocide & Mass Atrocity Prevention
PHIL 480G: Global Health Impact

Political Science Courses:

PLSC 100: Human Rights
PLSC 117: World Politics
PLSC 308: Govt & Pol. in M. East & N. Africa
PLSC 311: Politics of Western Europe
PLSC 319: Issues in World Politics
PLSC 327: American Foreign Policy
PLSC 348: Human Rights
PLSC 356: Politics of the European Union
PLSC 358: Russian & Post Soviet Politics
PLSC 375: International Law
PLSC 380: Topics in World Politics (of any letter/title)
PLSC 389: Topics in Comparative Politics (of any letter/title)
PLSC 402: Dynamics of Int. Conflict
PLSC 405: International Politics of Third World
PLSC 433: Human Rights & World Politics
PLSC 466: Political Islam
PLSC 485: Topics in Comparative Politics (of any letter/title)
PLSC 486: Special Topics in World Politics (of any letter/title)

History Courses:

HIST 106A/B: East Asian Civilizations
HIST 130: Modern World History (of any letter/title)
HIST 131: World History to 1500
HIST 150: Modern Israel
HIST 181B: Russian Culture & Civilizations
HIST 225: Imperial Russia
HIST 273: Chinese Civilization
HIST 274: Late Imperial China
HIST 275: 20th Century Middle East
HIST 275A: Modern Middle East, 1800-Present
HIST 276: Modern Latin American History
HIST 278: Intro Latin Am & Carib Studies
HIST 281D: Borderlands of East Central Europe
HIST 281H: Europe, 1890 - the Present
HIST 281Q: Modern Britain and Its Empire
HIST 282A: Colonial Latin American History
HIST 282D: Mexico, Aztecs to the Present
HIST 283B: African History Since 1800
HIST 284B: China and the Contemporary World
HIST 284E: Modern India, 1757-2023
HIST 284E: Modern Japanese History
HIST 284H: Environment and Empire, 1750 – 1950
HIST 284H: Modern East Asian STM
HIST 285B: History of Islam
HIST 285E: Jewish History 1500 to Modern
HIST 285F: U.S. & Middle East
HIST 285G: Islamic World 500-1500
HIST 285H: Women and Gender in the Middle East
HIST 286H: World Climate Catastrophes
HIST 325: Red Phoenix: Revolution & USSR
HIST 333: Human Rights Since 1945
HIST 341: China and the West
HIST 345A: The Holocaust
HIST 357: US Diplomatic History
HIST 373: Race in Latin American History
HIST 374: China in the 20th Century
HIST 381E: Russia and Ukraine in Crisis
HIST 381K: Mediterranean Encounters
HIST 381Z: Post-War Germany
HIST 382B: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America
HIST 384B: Indo-Caribbean History
HIST 384M: Minorities in China & Beyond
HIST 385B: History of Islam
HIST 385H: Women and Gender in the Middle East
HIST 385J: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
HIST 385K: Republic of Turkey
HIST 386C: Human Trafficking in History
HIST 386E: Sex Trafficking in Modern Europe
HIST 386F: Gender, Genocide & Humanitarian Aid
HIST 386J: Making of the African Diaspora
HIST 386L: Global Social Movements
HIST 430: War Crimes Trials and Justice
HIST 432: Latin America and the U.S.
HIST 473: Imperialism in East Asia
HIST 482E: Cold War Latin America
HIST 484F: Maritime Asia
HIST 484M: China's Borderlands
HIST 485B: Sectarianism in the Middle East
HIST 485G: Iran, Past and Present
HIST 485G: Middle East Forced Migrations
HIST 486: Senior Seminar in World or Comparative History (of any letter/title)
HIST 486L: US Empire in the Pacific

Cognate Courses:

ECON 160: Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 162: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 415: Gender & Economic Development
ECON 436: International Trade [ECON majors/minors only]
ECON 437: International Monetary Economics [ECON majors/minors only]
ENVI 225: International Environ Policy
ENVI 382J: Nat. Res Equity in Global South
GMAP 480: Essentials of GMAP
GMAP 483B: Transitional Justice
SOC 330: Latin American Women
SOC 342: Sexual Trafficking, Sexual Trsm
SOC 374: Oil Politics
SOC 380I: US War on Drugs & Latin American
SOC 380R: Climate Justice
SOC 380S: Human Rights in Latin America
SOC 432: War, Crimes & Global War