Custodial and Event Services

Staff Information

Requests for custodial or event services should be submitted to the Customer Service Center with a Service Request. Please DO NOT contact supervisors directly for requests.

Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz is Building Services Manager overseeing custodial and event services. He can be reached via email or at 777-3332.

Ryan Ferrantelli is Head Janitor on days (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). He oversees all Supervising Janitors on the day shift and can be reached at 777-6196.

Heather Closs is Head Janitor on nights (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.). She oversees all Supervising Janitors on the evening, night and early morning shifts. She can be reached at 777-2423.

Silvana Monaco oversees custodial staff in state buildings on first shift (days). She can be reached at 777-4008.

Casey Storti oversees custodial staff in athletic and campus recreation facilities on first shift (days). She can be reached at 777-2795.

Every state and residential building is assigned a Supervising Janitor. A list of buildings, assigned supervisors and cleaning shifts is available here. Questions, comments or complaints should be directed to the appropriate Supervising Janitor, Head Janitor or Building Services Manager.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services provides cleaning services for all University buildings with the exception of kitchen, serving and dining areas in the dining halls. Custodial staff also assist with snow removal. Another key aspect of custodial services is event support.  Custodial crews perform set-ups and tear-downs for internal and external campus events.

Services include regularly scheduled routines and special projects. Non-scheduled work and special projects are generally billed to the requesting department. More information about chargeable and non-chargeable services is detailed below.

Examples of non-chargeable services provided by Custodial Services:
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Shampoo carpeting
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Dust mopping floors
  • Wet mopping floors
  • Refinish floors
  • Recycling
  • Window cleaning
  • Dusting
Examples of chargeable services include:
  • Event Support- Set up/tear down, clean up, staffing during events.
  • Requests outside of normal service times
  • Requests outside of normal service areas
Typical Routine Cleaning Schedule
Classrooms and Labs
Conference Rooms
Every other day
Corridors and Entryways
every two weeks
Restrooms (public) and Locker Rooms
Stairwells and Elevators
 Disposing Food

Due to staffing restrictions, offices are not cleaned daily. Food waste should be disposed of in kitchenette, restroom or hallway receptacles which are emptied daily.


Limited custodial staffing on weekends survey and clean buildings and other areas that remain in use Saturday and Sunday. In addition, staff make sure everything is in order for classes beginning Monday.


Staff and faculty should deposit all recyclable material in the blue recycling bins located in the hallways of buildings.  Individual office recycling bins are not emptied by custodial staff. More information about recycling is available here.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Information Technology Services handles the disposal and recycling of University-owned computer and electronic equipment.


Physical Facilities is funded to supply restrooms with toilet paper, soap and paper towels where electric dryers are not available. If any of these areas are in need of supplies contact the Physical Facilities Customer Service Center at 7-2226 or Physical Facilities is not funded to supply laboratories, departmental kitchenettes etc. with supplies. Paper towels may be purchased through the Customer Service Center at a charge.

Residential Halls

Residential Halls are cleaned Mon. - Fri. from 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Limited staff is also on hand during the weekend to make sure public areas remain clean.

Event Services

Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz, Building Services Manager, coordinates services for events.  He can be reached at 777-3332.

Physical Facilities provides a variety of services in support of events:
  • Delivery of equipment and materials
  • Setup and tear-down of tables, chairs, stages, etc.
  • Electrical connections and generators
  • Staffing during events
  • Cleanup

Services provided in support of events are almost always chargeable.  Contact Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz, Building Services Manager, for more information or for an estimate.

Event Service Requests

Event service requests must be submitted a minimum of five business days prior to the event. Service requests for more complex events should be submitted a minimum of ten business days prior to the event.

You must include billing information if the event is chargeable (most are).

In the summary field, include:

  • Name of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Date of the event

In the details field, include:

  • Date(s) of the event
  • Start & end time of the event
  • Brief purpose/description of the event
  • Expected attendance
  • When setup can start
  • By when setup should be completed
  • By when tear-down/cleanup can begin
  • By when tear-down/cleanup should be completed
  • Any staffing requested during the event
  • On site contact person & cell phone number

You are encouraged to attach a setup diagram to the Service Request if appropriate.

Service Requests for events in the University Union must be submitted via the University Union Office.  Contact Orrin Kenyon at 777-2813.