Marshall House

Marshall House

Photo of the Marshall House published in 1901

The Lansing/Marshall House is a National Register listed structure (02NR01910) where Baroness Riedesel and her children were quartered during the siege. Wounded British officers were brought into the house during a bombardment by Furnival’s Battery that occurred on October 10. The house was repaired and occupied after the siege and remains the only original structure extant from the battle.

Baroness Riedesel

    Portrait of the Baroness Riedesel

Baroness Riedesel wrote about her experience in the house at the beginning of the Siege of Saratoga: 

About two o'clock in the afternoon, the firing of cannon and small arms was again heard, and all was alarm and confusion. My husband sent me a message telling me to betake myself forthwith into a house which was not far from there. I seated myself in the calash with my children, and had scarcely driven up to the house, when I saw on the opposite side of the Hudson river, five or six men with guns, which were aimed at us. Almost involuntarily I threw the children on the bottom of the calash and myself over them. At the same instant the churls fired, and shattered the arm of a poor English soldier behind us who was already wounded, and was also on the point of retreating into the house. Immediately after our arrival a frightful cannonade began, principally directed against the house in which we had sought shelter, probably because the enemy believed, from seeing so many people flocking around it, that all the generals made it their head-quarters.


Historical marker for the Lansing/Marshall House.

Location of Marshall House Sign

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