Hudson River Ford

The Hudson River Ford was the primary way of crossing the Hudson River east to west. General Fellows positioned his troops here to cut off the British retreat. This Ford was located north of the mouth of Fish Creek and Schuyler Island was the midpoint before crossing to the east side of the river. General Fellows' detachment was seen crossing over Hudson Ford to the east side of the river as the British advance guard crossed Fish Creek. There were other points to cross the Hudson River to the north; the closest natural crossing at the time was several miles to the north near Fort Miller. The Continental Army sent small parties across the Hudson Ford to execute harassing maneuvers to disturb the British Army. The ford over the Hudson River is believed to be near the Ferry Street bridge connecting Schuyler Island to the east and west banks of the Hudson River.

Approximate location of the Hudson River Ford

Hudson River Ford

View of the Hudson River from the Ferry Street Bridge

Ferry Street

View of Ferry Street looking toward Schuylerville from Schuyler Island