Victory Woods

British BreastworksRemains of British Breastworks in the woods

Victory Woods is the location of the British fortification north of Fish Creek. The British built these fortifications as they advanced on Albany. Between September 13 and September 15, the British occupied the heights above Saratoga from north of Fish Creek. Victory Woods represents a portion of this occupied area. During their brief encampment they began the construction of fortifications. These fortifications were then improved by General Fellows' troops when they occupied the heights after the British Army advanced to Albany. The British were forced into retreat after their defeat at Bemis Heights and marched north towards Saratoga to escape the Continental Army. On October 9, the British reoccupied fortifications that had been erected on the heights overlooking Saratoga. The British units mostly occupied this position as German and Canadian troops were positioned further to the north. From this position the British Army was able to bombard Continental positions with cannon fire. However, the Continental Army encircled the British position and mounted artillery overlooking it from the east bank of the Hudson River. During the siege, the British repulsed attacks from the Continental Army from the south and west. On October 11, Daniel Morgan and his riflemen were the advance guard of an attack on the British position from the crossing at Victory Mills, but they quickly withdrew to the west to begin encircling the British. Generals Nixon and Glover attempted to cross Fish Creek close to the mouth but were again repulsed by British fire from the heights. General Learned, having heard the fighting, was also attempting to advance on the British but withdrew before significant casualties could be sustained. By October 12, the Continental Army had completely encircled the British and only artillery and rifle fire were used to harass the British positions. The British remained entrenched in this position until they surrendered on October 17.

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Saratoga Monument

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Victory Woods Signage

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