Chittenango Blacksmith Site

The Chittenango Blacksmith Shop Site (SUBi-2556) is located in the southeastern corner of Stickles Park in the Village of Chittenango, Madison County, New York. The site was identified during a 2005 Phase 1 reconnaissance survey conducted on behalf of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) as part of compliance with state and federal historic preservation laws. The survey was triggered by construction to NY 13 which lies along the east side of the park. NYSDOT was considering the park as a location to place a storm water treatment vault, and asked PAF to conduct a survey in the small area (169 m² [1,849 ft²]) that would be impacted by this project. The survey work identified the presence of intact archaeological deposits associated with a 19th century blacksmith shop. The site was designated the Chittenango Blacksmith Shop Site and was evaluated for potential inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places with a Phase 2 site examination. These archaeological investigations showed that the site had remarkable preservation and high research potential (Zlotucha Kozub and Seib 2006). PAF recommended that NYSDOT either avoid the site by placing the storm water structure in a different location or authorize a Phase 3 data recovery to allow for the preservation of a representative sample of the site prior to its demolition. NYSDOT was able to relocate their project and avoid impacting the site, which remains preserved to this day.