J.W. Wadsworth 2

The J. W. Wadsworth 2 Site is a multi-component Indigenous precontact site located on the south side of the Genesee River along NY 63 in the Town of Geneseo. It consists of four loci, or areas with concentrations of material culture, that were identified in 2006 by the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) during a Phase 1 survey sponsored by the Department of Transportation. PAF conducted a Phase 2 evaluation of the site in 2012 and recommended that all four loci had the potential to yield cultural material (including features, or non-portable material culture like hearths) important for our understanding of Indigenous life in the Genesee Valley. In 2018, after the DOT finalized plans for a new bridge and traffic circle in this area, PAF returned to conduct a Phase 3 data recovery in Locus 2. The remaining three loci were located outside the project boundaries and were thus preserved from any damage associated with the planned bridge and road construction. PAF invites you to learn about this fascinating site. 

wadsworth intro photo

Archaeologists excavating a unit with the old NY 63 bridge in the background.