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Executive Board Members 2017-2018


Courtney Ignarri
Administrative Coordinator of Graduate Affairs
Harpur College of Arts & Sciences


Elise Thornley
Assistant Head of Reader Services for Resource Sharing


Virginia Stever
Assistant to the ChairDepartment of Economics 


Brandy Emm

Communications Committee:

Meaghan Bensley
Personnel Assistant
Human Resources 

Ashley Serbonich
Assistant Director
Office of External Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Center


Distinguished Service Award Committee:

Erin Hornbeck
Assistant to the Chair
Systems Science & Industrial Engineering

Professional Development Committee:

Andrea MacArgel
Instructional Designer
Center for Learning & Teaching


Rules Committee:

Scott Hoeppner
Network Administration Analyst
Information Technology Services 


Scott Moser
Technology Licensing Associate
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships


Budget Review Committee: 

Mary Jane Sager
Project Staff Associate
NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage 

Evaluation Coordinating Committee: 

Kevin Boettcher
Research Development Specialist, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences

Brendan McGovern
Program Coordinator, Geography





Last Updated: 12/14/17