Export Control

Federal Export Control Regulations may impact academic research by restricting transfer of items, technology, and software. In the most severe cases, Export Control laws can restrict what we are able to tell our students, our colleagues and outside interested parties. It is important that every researcher be aware of these potential restrictions and take actions to make sure they do not inadvertently do something illegal or that if their research steers them into an area where export controls will impact their work they understand the implications and implement the correct safeguards.

Export Control regulations can be complicated. The laws that impact Universities are administered by separate federal agencies with some overlap. It is unreasonable to expect a researcher to have full knowledge of all of these regulations but it is important that they know when to ask for help.

This webpage provides information to get you started, a more formalized training program in export controls and an extensive guidebook with links to webpages provided by federal agencies that can be used as a reference for more extensive training and help you determine whether your research is subject to export control restrictions. It must be emphasized that when you believe you are dealing with an export control issue you need to seek help from the sponsored programs office or the Associate Vice President for Compliance.

To provide a very basic understanding of Export Controls please review the following short PowerPoint presentation: An overview of Export Controls and how they may impact you.

Binghamton has secured this training module created to assist academic researchers in learning more about export controls and how to determine if your work will be impacted: CITI Training module on Export Controls

Procedures for Online CITI Training

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You should see your course listed in the Main Menu. Select the course and begin. It should take you 1 to 2 hours to complete. You may come back to the course at any time. There is no time limit. You can retake the quizzes until you pass. The course expires every 4 years. 

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The CHIPS Act of 2022 requires that all PIs and key senior personnel that are awarded NSF funding after August 1st, 2022 receive training to raise awareness of research security risks as well as Federal export control, disclosure and reporting requirements.  To comply with this requirement, PIs and senior key personnel will complete the Export Control Training course in CITI.

The following manual is provided to describe the essential aspects of the laws and regulations concerning exports, confirm Binghamton's policy for compliance, and explain how the Binghamton University will provide our researchers with the assistance they may need to ensure compliance with these complicated laws: Export Control Compliance Manual

  • Additional information on Export Control is available from the Research Foundation Central Office
  • For definitions of important export control terms click here.
  • For information on the specific Export Control Regulations click here.
  • For information on the penalties and sanctions for non-compliance with export control regulations click here.
  • For additional information, educational materials and templates click here.
  • For a diagram that is helpful in determining if your work may be impacted by export controls click here
  • For information on technology excluded from export controls click here

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Nancy Lewis, Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance at nlewis@binghamton.edu or by phone at 607-777-3532.