Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

This policy is intended to ensure that all research involving the derivation or use of human pluripotent stem cells at Binghamton University is conducted with the highest ethical and scientific research standards, and in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations, Binghamton University policies, and the requirements of extramural research sponsors.

Click Here for the Stem Cell Research Policy

Protocol Submission

If you have a protocol that requires review by the Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (SCRO) please fill out and submit the smart form found in PACS (Link found at the top of this page). If there are no concerns found on initial review, the Research Compliance office will submit the protocol to the SCRO Chair and the SCRO for review. Typically, notification of required modifications or approval will be submitted to the PI within 14 calendar days of the SCRO receiving the protocol. If the protocol is deemed exempt by the SCRO, you may be notified sooner. All communication will be in the PACS system.

SCRO review does not preclude the necessity of review by other applicable research oversight Committees such as the Human Subject Research Review Committee (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), etc. Such reviews may take place simultaneously with review by the SCRO committee. However, SCRO approval will not be granted until these other approvals are obtained.

MTA-If applicable Binghamton University's researchers must execute, through the Office of Sponsored Funds and Research Compliance, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) prior to obtaining any human stem cell lines from an external entity. For questions about obtaining a MTA or determining exemption from this requirement, please contact Nancy Lewis, Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance by phone at 607-777-3532 or by email at

Required Documents for Submission

These documents are required to be attached to the Supporting Documents section of the PACS form.

1. SDS for all material used (Usually available from Manufacturer or Vendor)

2. SOP noting all procedures, safety information, emergency contacts and lab procedures. Please use our Template: SOP TEMPLATE

3. Training Verification Table

Annual Review

Protocols are approved for one year. Annual continuing reviews are required. Please fill out and submit the Continuing Review smart form 30 days prior to the annual anniversary of approval date. (PACS Link found at the top of this page.)


If you should make any modifications (including, but not limited to: key personnel changes, lab location changes, changes to the originally planned research) at any time after your initial approval, you are required to notify the SCRO of these modifications. You can Create an Amendment in PACS to meet the notification requirement (Link found at the top of this page).

Online  Training Requirement

All Principal Investigators, undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers participating on any SCRO approved protocol will be required to complete the online Stem Cell Research Training, Initial Biosafety Training, and OSHA BBP courses via Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

Procedures for Online CITI Training

Click HERE and log in via the blue LOG IN button and then click "LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION" and chose SUNY-University at Binghamton. If you do not have an account chose I do not have an account and enter your pods log in if requested.
To add the new course:
After you log in You will see the Main Menu:
Click Add a Course:
For question 1, select: Stem Cell Research

Skip questions 2-3

For question 4, select: Initial Biosafety Training and OSHA BBP

Skip remaining questions

Click Submit

In addition, EH&S Lab Safety Training must be completed annually.


If you have questions or concerns please contact Research Compliance Coordinator Stephen Kamper at the Research Compliance Office; by phone at 607-777- 3822 or email at