Research Security


Research Security

Issued on January 14, 2021, the National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (NSPM-33) requires all federal research funding agencies to strengthen and standardize disclosure requirements for federally funded awards including the establishment of research security programs at research institutions receiving federal funds.  In January 2022, the National Science and Technology Council issued Guidance for Implementing National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 on National Security Strategy for United States Government-Supported Research and Development to provide clarity on this memorandum.

NSPM-33  requires that research organizations receiving more than $50 million in Federal science and engineering funding for two consecutive years certify that they have in place research security standards in the following four areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Foreign travel security
  • Research security training
  • Export control training

It is anticipated that in Fall 2023 the Federal government will be issuing greater detail and specificity of the requirements outlined in the implementation guidance.  Once the formal requirements are issued and our applicable funding has reached the required threshold, Binghamton University will have one year to comply.  

Binghamton University established the Security Compliance Standing Committee comprised of a  strategic cross-section of faculty and staff to facilitate the implementation of the research security requirements of NSPM-33.   It is the intention of Binghamton University to leverage existing programs and processes and integrate these research security standards creating an efficient comprehensive program for all covered individual who must comply.

Questions pertaining to the above can be addressed by Nancy Lewis, Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance and NSMP-33 Research Security program point of contact  at or at (607) 777-3532.