Radiation Safety

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Radiation Safety

The use of radioactive materials on campus is governed by the New York State Department of Health. The Radiation Safety Committee advises members of the University community in matters involving radiological procedures and safety; establishing procedures pertaining to the ordering, receipt, use and disposal of radioactive materials; and advises faculty on specific problems related to the use of radioactive materials in research and instruction.

Anyone who will be in the vicinity of work which involves the use of radioactive material or radiation emitting equipment should familiarize themselves with The State of New York’s NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES Standards for Protections Against Radiation 

Information regarding radioactive materials usage, shipping and receiving, University oversight and safety, and Radioactive Materials & X-RAY Equipment can be found at https://www.binghamton.edu/offices/environmental-health-safety/radiation_safety.html

Safety Manuals for Licenses:



For consultation, please contact Patrick Reardon, Radiation Safety Officer, at 607-777-3589 or preardon@binghamton.edu, or Joseph Biscardi, Laboratory Safety Manager, at 607-777-5799 or at biscardi@binghamton.edu.

For questions regarding protocol submission and review, please contact Stephen Kamper, Research Compliance Coordinator at 607-777-3822 or skamper@binghamton.edu.  You can also contact Nancy Lewis, Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance at 607-777-3532 or at nlewis@binghamton.edu.

Use of Radioactive Materials

All use of radioactive materials for research or instructional purposes by faculty, staff, or students must be cleared with the Radiation Safety Committee. Prior to starting any experiments with radioactive isotopes, the faculty and staff must apply to the Radiation Safety Committee for radioactive materials use approval. After approval by the committee, the faculty and staff and materials will be further approved by the New York State (NYS) Department of Health (DOH). Only full time faculty and staff may apply to the committee and be added to the Radioactive Materials License.  All other users must work under the supervision of an approved faculty or staff member and receive training from the RSO. Those who have not used radioactive materials in the last 24 months must be reinstated on the list of licensed users and must update their Protocol for Permission to Order and Use Radioactive Materials and X-Ray via the Pre Award and Compliance System (PACS).

Protocol Submission in PACS

If you have a protocol that requires review by the Radiation Safety Committee, please fill out and submit the smart form found in PACS (Link found at the top of this page). It is strongly suggested that you consult with Patrick Reardon, Radiation Safety Officer, at 607-777-3589 or preardon@binghamton.edu , or Joseph Biscardi, Laboratory Safety Manager, at 607-777-5799 or biscardi@binghamton.edu prior to submission.  

Please include the following items as supporting documents in PACS:
*Detailed Map of lab using radioactive isotopes:
      -Indicate location of all equipment, location of radioactive material storage and  usage area.
*Lab safety Documents (SOP's) including emergency names and phones numbers
*SDS on materials to be used, as applicable
*Include manufacturer, serial number and type for any survey and calibration instruments (i.e. survey meters, liquid scintillation, and gamma counter)
*Any additional information necessary for committee's approval

If there are no concerns found on initial review, the Research Compliance office will submit the protocol to the RSO and the Radiation Safety Committee for review. Once approved by the committee, the application will be forwarded on to NYS DOH for final approval. The time line for final approval of the application will be determined by NYS DOH. This review and approval typically takes up to 90 days from receipt of application by NYS DOH but may exceed that estimate.


All faculty, staff and students working with radioactive materials must complete in person training with the RSO's prior to beginning any work with radioactive material.  To set up the training please contact Patrick Reardon, Radiation Safety Officer, at 607-777-3589 or preardon@binghamton.edu.  You can also contact Joseph Biscardi, Laboratory Safety Manager, at 607-777-5799 or biscardi@binghamton.edu. to set up the training.

Training Verification Document required for all submissions: Required Training Verification

An online radiation safety course is required by all members of study teams that conduct research under the guidelines of a radiation safety protocol. 

Binghamton University uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) to facilitate this training requirement.  

Procedures for Online CITI Training

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Additional Questions?

Please contact Stephen Kamper, Research Compliance Coordinator by phone at 607-777-3822  or by email at skamper@binghamton.edu.  You can also contact  Nancy Lewis, Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance by phone at 607-777-3532 or by email at nlewis@binghamton.edu