Apartments Community Councils

The Apartments Community has two community councils:

Hillside Village Council (HVC)

The council is made up of elected representatives that aim to serve the Hillside residents in each one of the 16 apartment buildings. HVC is comprised of its executive board and area representatives. The HVC executive board includes the president, vice president, social vice president, academic vice president, vice president of finance, vice president of multicultural affairs and vice president of public relations. The four area representatives serve to assist the executive board and to have a closer relationship with each individual region. HVC supports events like Hillfest in the fall and Hillside Havoc in the spring.

If you're interested in joining our council, email

Susquehanna Community Council (SCC)

Overlooking the Binghamton University campus, Susquehanna Community is home to upperclassmen who wish to have the off-campus experience while still enjoying the benefits of being on-campus. The SCC is composed of students who wish to uphold a sense of community among residents. They assist in the running of the Susquehanna Coffeehouse and organizing several Susquehanna-area traditions each year.

If you're interested in joining our council, email