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Hinman College is a community filled with energy, tradition and spirit! We are home to the Public Service Learning Community, Dorm Wars, Hysteria and the Hinman College Council — the largest student government on campus. The five buildings in Hinman have four- and six-person suites. We're lucky to have Collegiate Professor, Al Vos, a faculty member in the English department, leader of the Public Service Learning Community and mentor to hundreds of our Hinmanites.

This year, we're excited to be going through some major renovations. Our dining hall will become a truly stunning, state-of-the-art building with lots of open space and a rooftop terrace. Cleveland Hall will be closed temporarily for sprucing up and added air conditioning. Find out more about our plans here.

Hinman has it's own theatre company – the Hinman Production Company (HPC), a fully student-run theatre group, founded in 1979, operated out of the Hinman Commons. They accept any Binghamton student to help with the shows. Each semester there are four different shows, the 24-hour theatre, Binghamton Night Live comedy show, a play and a musical. If you'd like to find out more, email hinmanpc@binghamtonsa.org.

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