Apartments Room Styles

The Apartments Community has two building clusters — Susquehanna, which has four buildings, Hillside which has 16 buildings. Hillside has four- and six-person apartments and Susquehanna has two- and four-person apartments. All have single rooms, a common lounge area and full kitchen.


The four-person apartments consist of four single rooms, kitchen, common area, shower room with a sink and a toilet room with a sink.

The six-person apartments in Rockland and Saratoga consist of six single rooms, two full bathrooms, common area and kitchen.

The six-person apartments in Filmore, Glimmerglass and Nyack consist of four single rooms,  two super-single rooms, common area, kitchen, two shower rooms with sinks and two toilet rooms with sinks.

Each apartment includes a full kitchen with a fridge, stove, cabinets, storage area, a living room with furniture and are carpeted. All bedrooms (except super single rooms which have a full-sized bed) include an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk and closet for each occupant.


The two-person apartment consists of one super-single, one single room, kitchen, common area, one bathroom and a storage room. This style of apartment is also used for family housing.

The four-person apartment consists of four single bedrooms, kitchen, common area, two bathrooms (shower/tub with sink) and (toilet with sink) and a storage room.

All apartments are furnished with an extra-long twin bed with drawers underneath, desk, stove, fridge and living room furniture. Apartments are also carpeted.

Room photos

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Floor plans

Typical two-person apartment in Susquehanna

2 person apartment

Typical four-bedroom apartment in Susquehanna

4 bedroom apartment