Dickinson Community

Dickinson has the CoRE (Computers, Robotics, Engineering) learning community. Residents have direct access to the Student Success Center in C4 (Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center) and the biggest dining hall on campus (shared with Newing College). The Fireplace Lounge is a great place to hang out or study with an amazing view and a piano!

Dickinson has four buildings with four- and five-person flats and one building (Old Digman) with corridor-style doubles. The Dickinson Town Council (DTC), a student-run government organization, hosts many of our traditions including Mutant Mania in the spring.

First-year residents are invited to live in our HaWC — Health and Wellness Community with a special emphasis on well-being.


Meet Faculty-in-Residence, Sarah Bull! Sarah teaches first-year writing as well as upper level writing courses focused on podcasting, screenwriting and happiness. She is the co-host of How It Came To Be, a podcast about the unique origin stories of everything from Coca-Cola to Ferris wheels. Her other professional interests include writing young adult novels and short stories. Sarah leads a monthly writers’ group composed of students interested in the entertainment industry. Outside of teaching and writing, Sarah loves going on hikes with her three golden retrievers, kayaking, and playing basketball and sand volleyball. Stop in and see her in C4 128!

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