College-in-the-Woods, known as CIW (we love our acronyms here), residents have been living the "suite" life here since 1972. CIW has the best barbecue on campus, a vegan station, the Woods Diner, the one-and-only Casino-in-the-Woods and our Family Weekend event can't be beat.

The five buildings in CIW are right in the middle of campus with easy access to The Union, Engineering building and buses. We have both suite-style and corridor-style rooms, a co-rec football field, basketball and volleyball courts and our own library in Tuscarora.

CIW offers Oneida Hall as a first-year only building with social and academic options geared towards these residents.

Our Collegiate Professor, Steve Ortiz, is an associate professor of history, specializing in 20th century US history and runs three of our learning communities: Environmental Action and Studies, International Relations and Cultural Exchange, and Politics, Law and Society.

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