First-Year Experience: Oneida Hall

Final decisions regarding the fall are still being made. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Beginning in the fall 2020 semester, Oneida Hall will become Binghamton's second First-Year Experience building with approximately 320 students living on six co-ed floors. Oneida residents will enjoy the opportunity of living with all first-year students, as well as educational and social experiences designed specifically to meet the needs of new first-year students.

Located right in the middle of campus, Oneida Hall is just a short walk away from Bartle Library, The Union and MarketPlace, and the Decker Health Center. As a part of CIW, students living in Oneida will also have easy access to the CIW dining hall and our very own CIW library with computing, printing and tutorial services.

First-Year Experience (FYE)

Oneida Hall will feature First-Year Experience programming that incorporates Residential Life's B-Connected curricular approach, and other social and academic experiences to ease students' transition to college, including topics such as:

  • Study and organizational skills: (floors 2–3; floors 4–6)
  • Adulting 101 (living quasi-independently)
  • University resources
  • Understanding financial aid; financial literacy
  • Wellness and stress management
  • Final exam preparation

In-hall services

Oneida Hall has a newly created office space/multi-purpose center that will give residents direct access to support offered by our staff, including:

  • Steve Ortiz, Collegiate Professor
  • Our MSW intern
  • Erin Wise, Career Consultant in Residence
  • Harpur Academic Advising 
  • Discovery Student Success Coaches

Oneida Onboard — “The O-Board”

The Oneida Onboard program gives Oneida residents the opportunity to become members of the O-Board, a group of 20–25 students serving as leaders on their floors and within the greater community. O-Board members will play an active role within Oneida Hall in order to connect with their peers and help create a sense of belonging, and will offer additional support to fellow Oneida residents by helping RAs in developing community building programs and providing feedback through participation in focus groups. Students who join the O-Board will have additional access to fun student leadership opportunities and gain first-hand RA-type experience.

For first-year students who are interested, check back soon for more information on how to apply to be a member of the Oneida O-Board!

Getting connected

  • Oneida Hall has four new lounges where students will be able to gather: a kitchen lounge with table seating, a social lounge with games and activities, an academic pop-up classroom lounge, and a quiet study lounge.
  • Oneida's corridor style rooms (mostly) in a circled hallway allow for more interaction between floormates.
  • We have chosen 10 RAs specifically for Oneida who will help our new students get acclimated to college living, have fun, and connect with others.
  • CIW has several community-wide traditions throughout the year. Whether you love sports, music, or just watching, there's something for everyone to enjoy, and traditions are a great way for new students to meet people from their community. 
  • Nearby amenities like a volleyball court and Nature Preserve trailhead right outside Oneida Hall provide opportunities to hang out with friends and stay active.