CIW Room Styles

Each residence hall (all of them co-ed) houses approximately 250 to 330 students. All buildings are split into two sides (A–L and M–X) with each side generally containing 10 doubles and two suites. Typically, floors will alternate with residents of one gender living in the doubles and the other in the suites. Our Mohawk residence hall is made up of four- and six-person suites, alternating between the genders. Each building has laundry rooms and kitchens and lounges on each floor.

Room photos

See photos of some of our rooms here.

Room types:

  • corridor-style doubles: typical corridor-style room housing two students, bathrooms shared by floor
  • four-person suites: contains a common room, bathroom and two doubles
  • six-person suites: contains a common room, bathroom and three doubles
  • Mohawk suites: six-person suites with three bedrooms, a common room and two bathrooms

Room sizes

We strongly recommend students wait to purchase carpeting until they arrive so they know the exact floor measurements. The following sizes vary slightly and closet space is included in the measurements (so for rug sizes, you’ll want to subtract at least a couple feet of length for closets unless you live in a room that has movable closets):

  • double: 10'9" x 17'6" (about 15'9" long after subtracting closet space) (188 sq. ft)
  • double in corner room : five walls (3'8", 19'11", 5'7", 12'9", and 15'5"); 191 sq. ft (have movable closets)
  • Mohawk suite rooms: 11'6" x 17'6" (have movable closets)
  • suite room (not Mohawk): 10'9" x 14'4.3" (about 10'10" long after subtracting closet space)

Floor plans

Typical six-person suite in Mohawk:


Typical room in Mohawk:

mohawk room

Typical corridor-style double room in Seneca:

seneca room