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College-in-the-Woods Traditions

Woods Olympics

CIW gets into the Olympic spirit with this annual competition between the halls. The first tradition of the year, Woods Olympics is usually held one of the first weekends of the Fall semester. Events include volleyball, basketball, and relay races. Your prize? BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!

Family Weekend

Family weekend is a one of the newer university traditions that allows the wonderful families of our CIW residents to come to campus in October and experience the life of a BU Student. Past CIW Family Weekend Activities feature events such as tie dye, photo booths, face painting and more!


Woods Jam brings all of CIW's talent to the stage in a coffee house setting. With your favorite acapella groups from campus and your neighbor (who you didn't know was in a band!), Woods Jam brings out the best of the best.

Co-Rec Football

Co-Rec football is a Binghamton University tradition, originally founded in Hinman College. Every Fall, a Co-Rec season begins in which each building forms a team and on the weekends, rain or shine, steps out onto the co-rec field for a game against a neighboring residence hall. A Typical 10 week season is usually followed by a two week playoff season in which a Co-Rec champion is crowned.

The rules are simple: There are six players to a team: Three male and three female. The quarterback must be a female, however, which changes the dynamics of the game. There are two twelve minute halves, but the clock stops at the end of the play, which usually stretches the game out to about an hour. The winner at the end of the game moves up in the rankings.


Casino-in-the-Woods is one of the oldest traditions here in CIW. Every year we turn our dining hall into a fully functioning, state licensed, games of chance casino. Everyone who plays gets a chance to win REAL MONEY. All profits for the night go to charity.

In 2013, the event set records for having the highest attendance and raising the most money for charity.


Held towards the end of the spring semester, Woodstock is a full day of outdoor bands, free munchies, barbecue and fun for all. Start out by listening to a few local bands made up of your classmates, move on to some great food, and finish up the day jousting your friends in the inflatables arena.

Last Updated: 8/20/15