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Newing Rooms and Measurements

Residence Hall
Bingham, Broome, Delaware and Endicott
Building Style

Each hall has key card access and a semi-private room style. Each set of 3 bedrooms shares two private  bathrooms. (One of these bathrooms contains the shower, the other has the toilet, and both have a sink.) Additional common bathrooms are also provided on each floor.  

Room Size Rooms are generally 12' x 15' but square footage varies slightly by room
Window Dimensions
1st floor:75.25" W x 83.25" H
Floors 2-5: 75.25" W x 60.5" H
The University provides blinds for windows.

Not provided


The beds are designed to fit twin Extra-Long sheets. Twin XL sheets can be purchased from a bedding store or department store. Each mattress is 80 inches long and 33.5 inches wide.

The bed can be raised lowered or raised high enough off of the floor to locate the dresser drawers underneath, for added arrangement options and floor space. 

Closets The closets in all of the halls are a movable wardrobes with space for hanging clothes and drawer space.  They also come with a full length mirror inside.
Each room contains two beds, two desks with hutches, a hutch light, and drawers, two chairs, two dressers, and two wardrobes. All of the furniture is movable, and the dressers drawers are stackable or can be placed under the bed to provide the occupants with many
arrangement options.  
Refrigerators are available for rent from Microfridge. 
Visit their website here, or call 1-800-525-7307. You do not need to know the student's room number to order a fridge, the University will supply the appropriate information to the vendor.


3D model of a typical corridor-style double room in Newing:

Newing 3D

Newing Floor Example (not a floor plan)

Bingham Hall Floor Plan

Last Updated: 6/6/18