Newing sponsors the Binghamton University Scholars Program, the LGBTQ+ Living Community, the COIN initiative and special courses reserved for Newing residents.

Binghamton University Scholars Program

Each year, Binghamton University invites 100 outstanding incoming freshmen to join the Binghamton University Scholars Program, a selective all-University four-year honors program for students of exceptional merit. For the first year, all scholars live in Endicott or Broome Hall. More information on this program can be found on the Scholars website.

LGBTQ+ Living Community

The LGBTQ+ Living Community is open to all first-year undergraduate students interested in being active members of an inclusive residential experience centered around LGBTQ+ interests, topics and issues. The LGBTQ+ Living Community is supported by both the Q Center and Residential Life staff. The living community offers a welcoming, comfortable and supportive space for students to connect and learn with one another. Located in Newing College’s Delaware Hall, the gender inclusive rooms are in a traditional-style hall with corridor-style doubles: each room houses two students, each set of three rooms share a bathroom (one of these bathrooms contains the shower, the other has the toilet and both have a sink). In partnership with the Q Center, the living community participates in LGBTQ+ History Month events, living community dinners, educational programming and community-building opportunities throughout the year. For additional information contact Nick Martin.

Apply for the LGBTQ+ Living Community