Newing sponsors the Binghamton University Scholars Program, the COIN initiative and special courses reserved for Newing residents.

Binghamton University Scholars Program

Each year, Binghamton University invites 100 outstanding incoming freshmen to join the Binghamton University Scholars Program, a selective all-University four-year honors program for students of exceptional merit. For the first year, all scholars live in Endicott or Broome Hall. More information on this program can be found on the Scholars website.


COIN is an initiative intended to recognize individuals who have displayed one or more of Newing's four core principles: Civility, Ownership, Inclusion and Newing. To nominate a Newing Resident for COIN, fill out this form.

Civility: Actions in our community affect more than ourselves. As Newing College residents, we strive to be courteous, polite, tolerant and respectful to our neighbors.

Ownership: We want our community to have a lasting legacy we can be proud of. As residents, we strive to be responsible citizens invested in Newing College's past, present and future.

Inclusion: Neighbors that come from a variety of places and backgrounds strengthen our community. We strive to promote a welcoming environment in Newing College that celebrates individual views and values.

Newing: Promoting pride in being a Newing resident!

Newing Leadership Program

The Newing Leadership Course combines a classroom experience (2 credits) with an internship that involves participation in area-wide traditions, events and community service. Course participants must live in Newing College. Approved participants will be automatically enrolled in the course.

This course/internship is designed to help break down the concept of leadership into its core components so that students can identify, analyze and develop the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective leader. Participants will complete 60 hours of service-learning, in addition to weekly class attendance.

To apply for this program, go here.

Newing Courses

HARP 234: Hot Topics, Hot Issues, and Hot Spots (4 credits): This course provides a critical examination of contemporary global/local issues. Broad topics to be addressed include: Globalization, Regional and Country Issues, Economic Issues, Issues about Violence, International Law and Organization and the Environment, taught by Collegiate Professor Mark Reisinger.

Urban and Cultural Explorations in China: This is a 6-credit study abroad opportunity in China. The purpose of this study abroad program is to provide the students with a critical understanding of China’s urbanization, exploring how the complexity of the Chinese city both conforms to and defies conventional urban theories and experiences cities elsewhere around the world. The major theme of this study abroad program is to examine China’s urban development in the post-Maoist era. However, one cannot examine this urban development without paying attention to China’s culture and how it influences city structure. The program will be led by Professor John Chaffee and Collegiate Professor Mark Reisinger.

UNIV101V: What's So Funny 'bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? (2 Credits): The UNIV 101 courses offer a blended course format which includes two primary components, one focusing on the academic topic, taught by a faculty member with the second component devoted to new student transition topics, taught by a professional staff partner instructor. This freshman seminar course will explore an intriguing intellectual topic, help freshmen hone critical thinking and writing skills and assist students in making a successful transition to university life. The title of this course is taken from a 1974 song written by Nick Lowe and covered by Elvis Costello. The song begins with the lyrics: “As I walk through this wicked world. Searching for lightness in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself is all hope lost. Is there only pain and hatred and misery?” In this seminar, we will seek ways out of the spiraling morass of terror and brutality that confronts the world today through the power of nonviolence. Students will explore the writings of some of the most original thinkers about peace and nonviolence to develop their own worldview based on peacefulness.