summer housing

Summer housing will be available from May 31 through August 14.

Summer students are housed in the Apartments Community and rooms are assigned by the Apartments Community staff.

The summer housing rate is $259 per week to be billed to the student's account. Students who occupy an apartment for any portion of a week will be billed for the entire week.

Students may request to live in summer housing for Term 1, Term 2, both terms, or for specific weeks of the summer. 

  • Term 1:  check-in May 31, 2021 and check-out July 3, 2021
  • Term 2:  check-in July 11, 2021 and check-out August 14, 2021
  • Students may also apply for housing in weekly increments.

Students with breaks in their summer stay must check out, completely remove their belongings from the apartment and return their keys or pay for all weeks for which they possess keys and leave belonging in the apartment. Students who opt to check-out are not guaranteed the same apartment upon return.

The deadline to submit a summer housing application is May 1, 2021 for housing during summer term 1 and June 18, 2021 for housing during summer term 2. Students may apply after these dates, but it is not guaranteed that the application can be processed prior to the start of the summer term.

Those approved for summer housing must agree to the Summer 2021 University Housing License Addendum.

Students in summer housing will be required to be tested weekly.

Apartments contain single bedrooms. Living room, bathroom and kitchen space is shared.

This is an independent-living experience (students are expected to do all of their own cleaning). Full dining service/meal plans are not available during the summer months so most summer students do their own cooking. Students must bring their own bedding, cooking items (pots, pans, etc.), plates/utensils and their own paper and cleaning products. The kitchens contain a full-sized refrigerator, stove/oven, sink and cabinets, but students must provide their own microwave if they want one. Automatic dishwashers are not provided. Apartments used for summer housing do not have air conditioning and students are not permitted to provide their own air-conditioning.

See our Living On Campus Guide for Summer 2021

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