Binghamton University Card System (BUC$)

BUC$ is an optional student service where money can be placed on your Student ID, turning it into a gift card for certain University services.  There are no service fees, no activation fees and the money rolls over from semester to semester.  When you graduate or close your account, you can request any money left be refunded to you. You do not lose anything from using this program!

Add money / Manage BUC$ Account HERE

On-campus locations that accept BUC$

  • Anderson Center Ticket Office
  • Campus Printing (color prints) *
  • Digital Media Center *
  • Emerging Tech Studio *
  • Food Co-Op
  • Library (copiers and paying fines) *
  • Print Solutions
  • SA Inc.
  • Science Store *
  • University Bookstore
  • Watters Theater Ticket Office

* ONLY accepts BUC$ for payment

Create a BUC$ account

       Meal Plan Office
       Binghamton University
       P.O. Box 6000
       Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Call the Meal Plan Office at 607-777-6000 with additional questions.

BUC$ Terms and Conditions