Student Culinary Council

Student Culinary Council (SCC)

We, the Student Culinary Council, are a team of students who advocate for students’ dining voices on and off campus. We work hard to gather student opinions and advocate for them with University Dining Services to make them come to fruition. Our passions revolve around our pillars: Residential Dining, Retail Dining, Nutrition, and Sustainability. The Student Culinary Council makes real change on campus through the help of University Dining Services and University administration to create the ideal dining experience for students. This not only includes the food items offered on campus but also the promotion of food safety and sustainable food practices. Food opinions are dynamic to the student body and we work hard to keep up with healthy food options all while looking at our environmental impact as a campus. We love to hear new ideas and invite any student to stop by our open weekly meetings!

Four Pillars of SCC

Residential Dining: We implement suggestions that bring improvement to our dining halls by working with the chefs and kitchen staff directly.

Retail Dining: We work directly with administration and students to find improvements or additions to all retail dining facilities including the Marketplace, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Jazzman's, Chenango Room, Starbucks, Subway, Fresh Impressions and so much more.

Nutrition: We support our nutritionist and dietician on campus to gain student feedback about healthier and more sustainable food offerings to better accommodate dietary needs of students.

Environmental/Social Responsibility: We ensure the environmental impacts of food purchasing decisions are thoughtfully considered and verify we are doing the best we can to create a sustainable campus.

SCC Projects

  • We brought OZZITM, a sustainable container recovery program, to campus

  • We helped formulate the food safety policy on campus in collaboration with the Student Association (SA), BUDS, Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), Graduate Student Organization (GSO), and others to endorse and ensure safer food practices on campus
  • We, in collaboration with BUFS and BUDS, brought Beyond MeatTM and numerous vegan/vegetarian options onto campus
  • We, in collaboration with Binghamton University Food Sustainability group (BUFs), are currently working to become a Fair-Trade campus to ensure our environmental and social impact is felt around the world
  • We support BU Acres and BUFS to continually support local and sustainable foods and practices

  • We sponsor the annual Battle of the Chefs that takes place in Appalachian Dining Hall to encourage student chefs to experience high-pressure, time-based competition  

  • We participate in the annual Global Chef, where BUDS invites a new chef from around the world to showcase their cuisine on campus
  • We team up with OCCT to fund free busing to Binghamton’s local farmer’s market
  • We advocated for greater Nite Owl options for more late-night food choices
  • We brought Starbucks and Subway to campus
  • We continually update the MarketPlace with offerings students want to see (vegetarian and vegan options)
    • Fresh Impressions
    • Tacos at Cakes and Eggs
    • Farmer's Field

Meeting Agendas

March 30, 2021

April 13, 2021

April 27, 2021

May 11, 2021

Contact Us

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Facebook: @SCCbinghamton