Leadership & Organizational Science

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LOS Specialization Overview

Seminars focus on both micro and macro perspectives of industrial and organizational effectiveness. Individual, dyadic, team, and organizational/systems behavior are examined. 

The core faculty are research fellows in the Bass Center for Leadership Studies, an interdisciplinary research center. As such, seminars and faculty research often include direct and indirect linkages with leadership studies. Students are educated about theory, research, practice, and teaching of organizational behavior, strategic management and leadership.

Most students complete their PhD within four years. Below are the major milestones we expect our students to achieve:

  • Year 1: Pass and present original empirical paper.
  • Year 2: Complete required courses.
  • Year 3: Complete comprehensive exams and successfully defend research dissertation proposal.
  • Year 4: Successfully defend research dissertation.


Year 1: Fall, Spring

  • MGMT 581L - Advanced Business Statistics (Analytics I)
  • MGMT 600 - Research Methods I
  • LEAD 600 - Advanced Organizational Behavior Seminar
  • LEAD 601 - Advanced Leadership Seminar
  • LEAD 604 - Advances Statistics and Data Analysis (Analytics II)

Year 2: Fall, Spring

  • LEAD 603 - Special Topics in LOS Seminar
  • LEAD 602 - Theory Testing in LOS Seminar
  • LEAD 605 - Computational Modeling (Analytics III)
  • MGMT 602 - Pedagogy in Managemen
  • Elective I, II, III

Leadership & Organizational Science Faculty