Leadership and Consulting

The leadership and consulting concentration will enhance your ability to lead and manage people and organizations throughout your career. In today’s workplace, leadership happens at all levels from entry-level to CEO. Developing these skills will make you a valuable asset on any team and in any work environment.

During your studies, you will receive a comprehensive assessment of you leadership skills to help you create a personal development plan. This concentration emphasizes hands-on practice through case simulations, consulting projects and speaker engagements. In the required Strategic Leadership course students engage in experiential learning through which they work as consultants for local non-profit organizations. Core courses will help you refine your presentation, writing and public speaking skills.


The leadership and consulting concentration is fulfilled by three required courses and one elective course. The current schedule for these courses is available in the Schedule of Classes on the BU Brain. Descriptions of courses are listed in the Binghamton University Bulletin and course descriptions for the upcoming semester are available on the BU Brain.

Contact Academic Advising for the most updated list of core courses and electives.

Required coursework

(Select either LEAD 352 or LEAD 354)


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