A concentration allows you to specialize in an area of your choice. You have a lot of flexibility and time to decide what you are passionate about, and there are advisors, students and faculty to help you through the process of figuring it all out.

Chose a focus area of study allows you to explore your interests that could translate into a future career.

We offer seven unique undergraduate concentrations. It’s not uncommon for students to take up one or several concentrations as while pursuing their bachelor’s degrees:

How do I declare a concentration?
To declare a concentration, you must contact Academic Advising and take the core courses and electives specified in the specific area. 

When do I declare a concentration?
Typically, students declare concentration in their junior year, but it may be done any time before graduation.

How do I graduate with a concentration?

Students must earn a 2.7 average GPA in their 4 concentration classes to graduate with their chosen concentration. 

Global Studies minor

While the School of Management does not offer a concentration in global management or international business, students interested in this area are encouraged to consider a minor in global studies.

The global studies minor curriculum builds off of general education requirements and includes a capstone project that allows students to examine business topics through a global lens. The program gives students opportunities to explore the challenges, opportunities and principles of international business, while broadening cultural competence in professional settings.

To learn more, visit the global studies website or contact