Please Note: University tuition and fees are subject to change.  In addition to tuition and fees, other charges may be assessed to your account, including Domestic Health Insurance, Meal Plans, Housing, International Student Fees and Insurance, Refundable Alumni Fee, Fraternity & Sorority Life Fee, Library Fines, and course related fees

Degree Tuition^ Fees* Total
Undergraduate $3,535.00 $1,646.50 $5,181.50
Graduate $5,655.00 $1,235.00  $6,890.00
Master of Business Administration
$7,500.00 $1,235.00 $8,735.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice
$12,560.00 $1,235.00 $13,795.00
Master of Social Work $6,540.00 $1,235.00 $7,775.00
Doctor of Pharmacy $13,225.00 $1,235.00 $14,460.00
Doctor of Occupational Therapy $12,195.00 $1,235.00 $13,430.00
Doctor of Physical Therapy $12,195.00 $1,235.00 $13,430.00

^Tuition rates are subject to change per the SUNY Board of Trustees.

*Broad based fee rates are subject to change.

Please note, Binghamton University is not participating in the SUNY program matching the in-state tuition of the flagship public universities in 8 states.

Tuition and Fees Rate Tables for Spring 2024

Broad Based Fees

Broad Based Fees are charged to all students to support several University activities and services. These fees are assessed to all enrolled students and are essential for the University to operate. Broad based fees are not user based fees and students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits these fees provide. For more information on specific fee, visit Broad Based Fees Description.

Career Services Fees

A school-specific career service fee is charged to undergraduate and graduate students. Students have access to a wide range of career resources which assist in planning for life after college and exploring pathways to employment. This includes skill development, consulting, advising, job and internship search support, networking, and mentoring.  For more information, visit the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development .

Online Tuition Information

The non-resident online tuition rate is charged to students taking courses in exclusively online academic programs that have been previously approved by the Provost’s Office and registered by the New York State Education Department. These programs are in distance education format, consistent with the student’s intention to take courses exclusively online at the time of application and matriculation toward the degree. 

Note: New York State residents enrolled in exclusively online academic programs will be charged the tuition rate for resident students.