Stay up-to-date with audition schedules throughout the year with the events calendar below


Auditions for Spring 2019 Shows

Open Call and No-Fear Auditions for Actors
Spring 2019 Productions: 


Performances are March 1-10, 2019. Directed by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.

The Burial At Thebes
A Version of Sophocles' Antigone

Performances are April 26-May 5, 2019. Directed by Elizabeth Mozer

Auditions: Monday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 13
in Chamber Hall 7-11 p.m.

Audition sign-ups begin Friday, Oct. 26. Sign up at the Theatre Call Board outside FA 127 for an audition time.

Open auditions are available for students with a prepared one-minute monologue.

Students in the no-fear auditions will read a selected scene from Baltimore or The Burial At Thebes with a professional reader or another student of their choice. 

Scripts will be available for you to read in the theatre dept. office (FA 127) between 9-5pm M-F starting Mon. Oct. 29.

Audition Sides to review:

Baltimore Sides (Folder of PDFs to view on Google Drive)

The Burial At Thebes Audition Sides (Folder of PDFs to view on Google Drive)

 How to sign up and prepare for auditions

  • Sign up for a time slot on the Theatre Call Board, outside FA 127
  • Record the time slot you sign up for.
  • ALWAYS arrive 15 minutes everything......learn it, live it! You have paperwork to fill out when you arrive.
  • If students choose the 'no fear' audition, they may read with another actor signed up in their group or they may read with a provided reader in the audition room
  • Sides for auditions will be available via PDF starting Oct. 24
  • Scripts will be available in Theatre Department Office, FA 127 during office hours: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday starting Oct. 25
  • Have questions? Email us at any time 


Who can audition for a theatre production?

Any and all registered Binghamton University students are welcome to audition for all Theatre Department Productions. We do NOT require that an auditioner is a Theatre Major or Minor. We hold general open auditions for our MainStage and Studio Shows. Always arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork ahead of time. 

Casting Policy for Binghamton University Students

Attending a callback must be understood to mean that the auditionee must accept any role "as cast" in the production for which he or she has been called back. All directors are charged to consider the best interests of the student(s) as well as the overall production needs for each casting decision.

If a student declines to accept a role "as cast" after attending callbacks, the student will be denied casting in any departmental MainStage, Studio Showcase, In-The-Works or Dance productions for the semester for which the casting is being done and through the next semester. In the case of musical productions, any student who declines "as cast" in a musical after having attended callbacks will be ineligible for casting in the next season's musical, even though he or she may be eligible for casting in straight plays or dance productions.

Tips for auditioning from our directors

  • Choose a monologue and/or a song that you feel passionate about. Something that makes you say to yourself "I have to do this!" Practice, practice, practice.

  • Ask friends and family to listen to you do your material. Listen to feedback but only use that which you feel certain in your heart you can apply to the text. Say it while you do the dishes, while you drive, while you do the laundry, when you take a walk. Do it hundreds of times.

  • Know, deep within you that the people who are auditioning you want you to be great. They are not looking for your problems but rather your promise!

Interested in working backstage, building or designing for a show?

Earn 2 or more credits for working in the Costume or Scene Shop, Backstage, with Designers! You don't have to be a major or minor! No prior experience needed (although always appreciated!) Want to learn more? Stop by the Theatre Department Office (FA 127) and we'll guide you to the shops or where you're interested in working! Or email us anytime at

All students in the University registered for four credits or more are invited to participate in sanctioned activities of the Theatre Department regardless of official academic emphasis. In addition, freshmen are welcome with the same enthusiasm as graduate students.

Students in all disciplines are eligible to participate in theatre and dance activities in the department from their first day on campus, whether or not they intend to major or actually declare a major in theatre. All a student needs to do is check the bulletin boards near the entrance to the department's main offices (FA-127) and follow the directions for auditioning, doing technical work, etc.

It takes just as many people off stage (often times more) to produce a show! You need students to design, build, sew, stitch, schedule, organize, call shows, run lights and sound....the list goes on! Interested in joining a crew? Contact our Technical Director, Chris Hawkes in the Scene Shop or Marisa Wade in the Costume Shop.