Shops, Stages, and Studios

Our Theatre Facilities

Department productions have well-equipped support facilities in the Scene Shop and Costume Shop. The department annually works in five theatres, including:

  • Anderson Center's Osterhout Concert Theater (1,200 seats)

  • Chamber Hall (425 seats)

  • Watters Theater (600 seats)

  • Studio A, a flexible configuration space (up to 140 seats)

  • Studio B, a permanent thrust stage (133 seats)

The Scene Shop

The Theatre Department Scene Shop (FA-B36) is a well-equipped wood shop with metal working capabilities. Within a framework of numerous hands-on courses, students build the scenery for all department productions, acquire useful tool skills, and get to apply knowledge obtained in our lecture classes. Depending on the production needs, students participating in the Scene Shop Practicum, under the guidance of our professional staff and faculty, may be involved in basic, intermediary, or advanced carpentry, metal - cutting, bending, forming and welding, work with plastics and polymers, stage rigging, and scenic painting.

Participation in Scene Shop practicum is open to all Binghamton University students; you need not be a Theatre major or minor. If you are interested assisting in the construction of the department productions, or are interested in running Stage crew, Props crew or Fly crew on one of our productions, contact Scott Selmeski

The Costume Shop

The costume shop at the Department of Theatre is a busy place, running as a full shop for productions at Binghamton University and a hands-on classroom. Complete with many sewing stations, supplies, and all the expertise you could ask for in the matter; students have lots of opportunities to learn sewing basics, to design and construct costumes, and be backstage running costume crew during productions!

Interested in Costume Design? Learning how to sew? Theatrical Make-up? Check out the University Bulletin for current classes being offered, email Devon Painter, Costume Designer for any specific questions about classes.

Interested in helping on a show?

Email the Costume Shop if you are interested in being on a costume crew for a show!