Education Minor Steering Committee

The Education Minor was launched in 2013 by faculty advisor David Archer and a few student leaders who first proposed the idea of a minor at Binghamton. What makes the Education Minor unique and special is it is a student-run minor at Binghamton University. The student leaders of the minor belong to the Education Minor Steering Committee. This committee creates, plans, and organizes the various activities and events of the education minor.

The Education Minor Steering Committee is the backbone of the Education Minor. The mission of the committee is to continually innovate and improve the Education Minor. This includes but is not limited to the events, classes, internships, and advertisement of the Minor. The committee is dedicated to making the Minor a holistic platform for students hoping to learn more about or enter the field of education.

The Steering Committee is made up of sophomore, junior, and senior year students from the Education Minor who are passionate about education and who desire to enact change within the Minor. The students on the Education Minor Steering Committee meet weekly to discuss, brainstorm, and vote on various ideas and plans for the Education Minor. They also meet outside of the committee in small groups to work on specific projects for the Minor. These projects include successful events such as Education Expos, Webinars, BearChats, and Pathways to Education. The Education Minor Steering Committee also works closely with the Education Club in coordinating events for the students of Binghamton University.

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