Credit Classes

Credit classes with Outdoor Pursuits (OUT)

Outdoor Pursuits OUT classes involve weekend field trips and/or overnight experiences. All participants are required to register in person so that they have the best understanding of the time, lifestyle and personal commitment involved. 

Sign up for all Outdoor Pursuits courses at the Outdoor Pursuits office, located on the lower level of the East Gym, Recreation Center (EG-10). Your B-Number is required at the time of registration.


Disc Golf (OUT 121)

Disc golf is an inclusive physical activity that challenges the mind as well as the body and can be part of a fun, sustainable and healthy alternative exercise routine. This course covers disc golf equipment, mechanics, rules and vocabulary. Instruction emphasizes the benefits of playing disc golf as it relates to stress release, connection with others, and experiencing the natural environment while addressing both physical and mental aspects of the sport. Weekend workshops and trips to local disc golf courses present students with opportunities to test their knowledge and skills in varying settings, broaden their depth of the experience and introduce them to the larger disc golf community for continued participation. 

Horsemanship I (OUT 130)

Improve your fitness and well-being through horsemanship. This is a course for students with no riding experience and a genuine interest in the horse-human relationship. Emphasis will be placed on the transfer of these principles toward a healthier daily outlook. Techniques of elementary control at the walk and trot, proper grooming and tacking-up techniques, parts of the horse, and tack and basic feeding needs lay important ground work. Mindfulness, stress reduction techniques, and healthy as a horse nutritional metaphor applied to wellness concepts enable students to engage in safe and sure horsemanship for intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellness awareness. The course uses an immersive, experiential pedagogy in field situations as well as readings, discussions, quizzes, guest speakers and journal-keeping.

This course is held in a barn. If you are allergic to animal smells, hair, manure, or dust or have any adverse fears, asthma or issues with cats, dogs or horses then this is not a course environment for you. Additional fee includes instruction, facility usage and equipment. Riding helmets are also provided. Additional course fee is payable to Unity Stables and is due the first day of class by check, cash or credit card.

Transportation is not provided. Appropriate attire is expected for the first day of class: long pants, shirt with sleeves, and boots or shoes that tie and have heels. Email the instructor with any questions, or Stable address is 3805 Mill St. Binghamton 13903. 

Horsemanship II (OUT 131)

For students who have passed English Horsemanship I or who have had prior riding experience. You must be in good physical condition. Horsemanship II is a continuation of Horsemanship I and emphasizes more advanced control of the horse. An additional course fee includes instruction, use of the horses, equipment and facility. Riding helmets are also provided.

Fee is payable to Unity Stables and is due the first day of class by check, cash or credit card. Transportation to and from the stable is not provided. Appropriate attire is expected for the first day of class: long pants and boots or shoes that tie and have small heels. Email the instructor with any questions: 

Fly Fishing (OUT 176)

Explore the exciting lifelong pursuit of fly fishing. Learn proper casting technique, field and stream safety, basic fly tying and entomology as it relates to fishing. Students will acquire an understanding of fly fishing equipment, be able to tie key knots and fly patterns, as well as effectively present flies when fishing on flat and moving water. A local expert shares his years of experience to make this one of the richest classes ever. Fee includes the use of rods, reels, and waders. Fly tying materials and transportation are also provided.

Hiking (OUT 177)

Hiking is a great way to stay fit, reduce stress and experience the natural environment in all seasons. This course uses an integrated presentation of wellness topics and physical activity to introduce the learner to the basic skills and techniques of snowshoeing and day hiking. Class sessions are utilized to hike the trails of our campus, county parks and local state forests. Lecture topics will include backcountry nutrition, basic survival techniques and preparedness, wilderness ethic, wellness and environmental awareness.

Expect to be outside every class session while changing the way you perceive exercise. Synthetic long underwear and sturdy hiking boots or shoes are needed for each outing. Transportation to weekly hiking destinations is provided. This course requires three mandatory weekend day trips to put skills to practical use.

Introduction to Outdoor Pursuits (OUT 245)

An introduction to outdoor pursuits will provide students with the fundamentals of land-based and water-based adventure activities. This is a weekend intensive class. Activities include ropes course, river canoeing, bicycling, hiking, and backpacking. Primary objective of the course is providing students with the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to conduct physically and environmentally sound outings in addition to developing or increasing their outdoor activity skill level. Topics include group development and leadership, expedition planning, emergency procedures, and wilderness travel technique.

Sturdy hiking boots or shoes, a synthetic underwear top and rain jacket are required. Transportation is provided. Students must have strong swimming ability. Must register email the Outdoor Pursuits office for petition to register.

Bicycling (OUT 250)

This course is designed to introduce the rider to a diversity of recreational riding
opportunities with special emphasis on mountain biking. Students will learn the basics of bicycle repair and maintenance. Riding techniques and skills (e.g. braking, signaling, gearing, weight transfer, single track riding) will start on campus and progress to trips throughout the area. This course uses an integrated presentation of wellness topics and physical activity to introduce the rider to the topics of conditioning, nutrition, training, safety and environmental impact.

This course includes three mandatory mountain bike day rides. Bicycles are provided by Outdoor Pursuits. Must email the Outdoor Pursuits office for petition to register. Email:

Backcountry Medicine (OUT 255)

This wilderness first aid course combines the theoretical with the experiential. The course is designed to teach skills and knowledge for safe and successful emergency care and rescue when definitive medical care is more than an hour away. Students will receive a 16-hour certification in wilderness first aid from a professional wilderness medicine association upon successful completion of the course. Special emphasis will be placed on leadership issues, accident prevention, group awareness and the dynamics of the environment.

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Meet our OUT instructors

Darby Carr

Darby Carr, Hiking (OUT 177)

Darby Carr is an experienced hiker with over a decade of experience. Certified in various safety measures including First Aid/CPR AED and Wilderness First Aid, Darby ensures a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. From Yosemite to Mount Rainier, Darby's journeys span destinations worldwide. What Darby loves most is connecting with students of all backgrounds and sharing the wonders of the outdoors. Join Darby's class to embark on your next hiking adventure in Binghamton and beyond! 


Becky Carr, Hiking (OUT 177)

Becky Carr is your guide to outdoor exploration! Becky is certified in Wilderness First Aid and currently works for Broome County Parks & Recreation. Becky has various years of experience traveling, trekking and camping throughout local and national parks. Her experience continues with wild camping in Scotland, and backpacking in Asia.

As a person who’s hard of hearing and wears hearing aids, she recognizes the challenges that come with outdoor recreation with a disability. She is here to show that hiking outdoors is inclusive for everybody.

Erin Potter

Erin Potter, Hiking (OUT 177)

Erin Potter has been an instructor for Outdoor Pursuits since October 2023 and teaches classes in hiking, backpacking, and skiing/snowboarding. Erin has earned her way into the Catskill 3500 club and Adirondack 46ers. Outside of Campus Recreation, Erin works as a Trail Specialist for the Finger Lakes Trail in the summer. Witnessing students' transformations is one of Erin's favorite parts of teaching.

Gary Romanic

Gary Romanic, Fly Fishing (OUT 176)

Learn how to fly fish with Gary Romanic. Gary has been teaching for eleven years at Binghamton University and holds the distinction of being the first certified casting instructor in the United States since 1993. Gary's passion for teaching shines through as he shares his love for fly fishing with students of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, Gary's class offers a friendly and accessible way to learn and improve your skills. Join Gary to start your journey as a fly fisher!

John Greene

John Greene, Hiking (OUT 177)

Join John Green for unforgettable outdoor adventures in Binghamton and beyond. John's extensive background and passion for hiking make him the perfect guide for nature enthusiasts. As an Eagle Scout, Adirondack “46er” and member of the Catskill 3500 Club, John's expertise is unmatched. What sets John apart is his teaching approach, blending adventure with security to introduce students to new challenges that foster growth and satisfaction. Join John today for your next hiking experience!

Anthony Folk

Anthony Folk, Bicycling (OUT 250)

With 30 years of experience and his own bike shop, Anthony Folk brings deep knowledge and passion. Whether you're new to cycling or want to improve, Anthony's class is the perfect place to learn and grow.