LGBTQ+ Living Community

New LGBTQ+ Living Community Launching in Fall 2023

The LGBTQ+ Living Community is open to all first-year undergraduate students interested in being active members of an inclusive residential experience centered around LGBTQ+ interests, topics and issues. The LGBTQ+ Living Community is supported by both the Q Center and Residential Life staff.

Highlights of this Living Community:

  • A welcoming, comfortable and supportive space for LGBTQ+ students and allies to connect and learn with one another
  • Located in Newing College‚Äôs Delaware Hall with gender inclusive rooms and bathrooms in a traditional-style hall with corridor-style doubles
    • Each room houses two students, each set of three rooms share a bathroom (one of these bathrooms contains the shower, the other has the toilet and both have a sink).
  • Residents can participate together in LGBTQ+ History Month events, living community dinners, educational programming and community-building opportunities throughout the year.

Apply at the link below or, for additional information, email or learn more here.