Cap and Gown


Cap and gown sales for Spring 2019 Commencement have begun! Visit the Herff Jones website to pre-order your cap and gown by March 23, 2019, in order to save.

Spring 2019 Pricing:

  • Undergraduate package (cap, gown, tassel and stole): $91.50
  • Master's package (cap, gown, tassel and hood*): $96.50
  • Doctoral package (tam, gown, hood* and short tassel): $141.50
  • Doctoral hoods* will be awarded at the ceremony
  • Souvenir tassel: $7.50 (when purchased separately)
  • Stole of gratitude: $29.00 (when purchased separately)

Graduates who do not pre-order their cap and gown online by March 23 can still do so but will be charged more for their cap and gown at the University Bookstore in order to cover late shipping costs.

*Please be sure to provide the accurate degree information to ensure you receive the correct hood color: Log into BU Brain -> click on your records -> click on view student information -> scroll down to major and department.

Cap and Gown Pickup

Cap and gown pickup will be available TBD.

How do I wear my regalia?

Take a look at these quick and easy videos from Herff Jones!


I have more questions...

Can I wear a friends cap and gown?

Undergraduate students at Binghamton University wear green bachelor's gowns and mortarboards at Commencement. The gown should fall to just above the ankle. If you have a green gown from a previous ceremony that you would like to use, you are welcome to do so, but you must obtain approval through the University Bookstore. Approval is at the discretion of the bookstore.


I live outside of Binghamton and won't be here until Commencement Weekend!

If you will not be in Binghamton during cap and gown distribution (study abroad, internship, graduated in summer, etc.), consider the following options for getting your cap and gown and guest tickets:

  • Arrange for shipment of your cap and gown package.
  • Contact the University Bookstore at 607-777-2745 to make arrangements.
    • You will be responsible for shipping costs.
  • Ask a friend who lives on campus or locally to pick up your cap and gown for you.
    • Make sure your friend brings a list of your sizes, your degree information and payment to the bookstore.


Does my tassel go on the left or right?

An undergraduate student should wear his/her tassel on the right side of the mortarboard prior to the conferral of degrees at the ceremony. The University president will tell you during the ceremony when you can move your tassel from the right to the left.


Stole of gratitude

A stole of gratitude or memory stole is worn by a graduate during the University Commencement in tribute to someone who has helped him or her to earn a degree. The stole (white sash) is a required piece of the undergraduate cap and gown ensemble.


Commencement has gone green!

Graduates will be wearing environmentally-friendly caps and gowns. The caps and gowns are made from Repreve, a yarn made from 100 percent recycled materials. And, there's an added bonus: Unifi, the company that makes Repreve, will donate a portion of its sales to environmental causes that you help choose. Here's how it works: When you purchase your cap and gown at the University Bookstore, locate the code inside the hang tag. Then, go to Repreve's website to vote for the cause you'd like to receive a portion of Unifi's annual donation.