Translation Studies Minor

Translation Studies Minor

The Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) offers a Minor in Translation Studies. The Minor complements degree programs in foreign language study and is an option for undergraduates who have an advanced knowledge of one or more foreign languages and an interest in translation, either as a profession or as an area of academic research.

The Minor in Translation Studies provides students with a foundation in practical translation and an introduction to translation theories and debates. Coursework allows students to enhance their language competence as well as their linguistic and cultural knowledge. The Minor allows students with advanced language capabilities in both English and a second language to gain an appreciation for translation, both as a practical skill and as a field of study.

Students choose from a wide variety of courses from faculty in many academic disciplines. Their course work serves to enhance students' interdisciplinary skills, multidisciplinary experience, and independent academic interests.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Students completing the Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) minor in Translation Studies will obtain the following abilities:

    1. Demonstrate general knowledge of the interdisciplinary nature of translation studies and the variety of approaches and ability to reflect critically;
    2. Engage in the process of translation practices, including literary and non-literary translation, and to develop the ability to evaluate texts and recurring translation problems;
    3. Deepen knowledge of the source language context, such as in history, culture, or literature; 
    4. Relate and apply to translation in their coursework, their communities, and the world at large.
  • Languages Offered
    TRIP has been able to offer translation practice in a Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish on a regular basis. Depending on need, translation instruction in other source languages can be arranged, including Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Korean, and Russian. Those interested in translation practice are advised to contact the TRIP Coordinator to make arrangements.
  • Requirements
    • One semester of the Translation Workshop (TRIP 472 or 473, non-literary or literary), four credits in total. In cases where TRIP does not offer a workshop in the language, the student must work with TRIP to find a faculty member who will teach their workshop as an independent study; 
    • Three courses on translation studies, including TRIP 460: Intro to Translation Studies, plus another two 100-, 200-, or 300- level courses, twelve credits in total.
    • Two upper-level courses directly related to the language chosen by the student, offered in the language(s) area studies departments and programs, 8 credits in total.
  • Courses
    • TRIP 125, Debates in Translation
    • TRIP 225, Translation Meets Culture: Literature
    • TRIP 235, Translation Meets Culture: Religion 
    • TRIP 245, Translation Meets Culture: Media
    • TRIP 325, The Craft of Translation
    • TRIP 335, Translating Children's Lit
    • TRIP 472, Translation Workshop, Literary
    • TRIP 473, Translation Workshop, Non-Literary
    • TRIP 460, Introduction to Translation Studies
    • TRIP 461, Introduction to Computer-Assisted Translation
    • TRIP 464, Culture and Translation
    • TRIP 480H, Orientalism/Postcolonialism and Translation
    • TRIP 463, Project Management for Translation
    • TRIP 480C, Taboos in Translation
    • TRIP 480H, Translation and Creativity
  • Student Opportunities

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