Consortiums: Taking Coursework at another Institution

A "consortium agreement" is a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes the registration of a student at another site for financial aid purposes. On a limited basis Binghamton University may permit the use of financial aid for taking coursework at another campus, but prior approval must be requested and approved by Financial Aid and Student Records before such a contract will be entered into. 

For SUNY and Non-SUNY Education Abroad programs please follow the instructions here

SUNY Institutions

There is a SUNY-Wide Consortium  in place for all participating SUNY campuses that enable matriculated Binghamton students, who are eligible for aid, to register at another SUNY campus and use their financial aid. This is also referred to as Cross-Registration. For more information on Binghamton's SUNY Cross-Registration policy and how to apply, visit the Student Records page.

  • If you wish to utilize your financial aid at another SUNY institution you will need to check "yes" on the SUNY Cross-Registration application in section 1.

Note: if approved, the schools involved will communicate with each other and the student via the SUNY Cross-Registration portal. Based on financial aid eligibility, disbursement and payment will be handled between campuses, according to SUNY Cross-Registration policy. Any remaining balance is the student's responsibility.

Non-SUNY Institutions

(CUNY Institutions, private schools, and other public institutions not in the SUNY system)

To be considered for a consortium agreement students must be matriculated, continuing students, and in good academic standing. Students must complete a Request for Consortium form and meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss the circumstances surrounding the request for taking coursework at another institution. If approved, a Consortium Agreement form will be provided to the student. The steps are as follows:

  1. Discuss courses to be taken with an Academic Advisor for approval of degree applicability.
  2. If consortium request is approved and a consortium agreement provided to the student, it must then be taken to the host institution to be completed.
  3. Return completed Consortium Agreement to Binghamton University Financial Aid and Student Records office.
  4. Students will receive their financial aid in a refund check and are responsible for paying the other school directly.