Calculate Your GPA

At Binghamton University, like most institutions of higher education, your progress is tracked using a grade point average. GPA is calculated by assigning quality points to earned grades and combining them with your earned credit hours. 

How is your GPA calculated?

  1.  Each letter grade is assigned a grade point (see chart below)
  2. Determine the number of quality points by multiplying the grade point by the number of credit hours earned to determine quality points

    If you earned a B in a 4 credit course:
    B = grade point 3
    3 x 4 (credits) = 12 quality points
  3. Your GPA is determined by dividing your total quality points achieved by the total number of credit hours (GPA hours) earned.

Grade Point Chart

= 4.0
A-  = 3.7
B+  = 3.3
= 3.0
B-  = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
= 2.0
C-  = 1.7
= 1.0
= 0.0

GPA Calculator:

GPA calculators are available in Degree Works. To access the calculator, open Degree Works (BU Brain < Your Records < Degree Works) and click on the ellipsis (3 dots) at the top right of your worksheet. Use the "Term Calculator" to calculate your semester GPA based on your projected grades.