Create a Four Year Plan

A four year plan is the first step toward creating your one-of-a-kind college experience. This guide was created to help you navigate each year of college, so you can make the most of your experience and find success during your time at Binghamton University. These are only suggestions, and each student's plan is unique. Having a well-developed four year plan ensures that you’re in control of your time here at Binghamton —choosing the classes you need, exploring subjects you love, and graduating on time. 

Resources to help you create your own Four Year Plan:

  • Harpur Four Year Plans - Students can use major degree planning templates to learn more about course requirements, prerequisites, and typical pathways through major programs. More majors are being added on a regular basis. Check back soon!
  • Undergraduate Bulletin - This is the official listing of curricula, courses and requirements for all degrees and majors at Binghamton University. 
  • Departmental Website - Many departments have additional major advising and planning resources on their website. 
  • Degree Works - Degree Works is a computer program that provides progress-toward-degree reports for students. You can use degree works to track your progress in a declared major or to use the "what-if" function to get an idea of how your credits will apply to potential majors. 
  • Transfer Credit - As you create your plan, you should know if there are any courses you have completed or are fulfilled by transfer credit (AP/IB credit or college bridge coursework from high school). Use the transfer credit website to look up equivalencies and ensure that you are not duplicating credit. 
  • Schedule of Classes - Use the schedule of classes to search for courses, course descriptions, pre- & co-requisites and restrictions that may impact your four year plan. 
  • Student Degree Planning Worksheet (blank) - This is a blank template students can use to build their own four year plan.

What to include in your Four Year Plan:

  • At least 126 credits total
  • At least 46 Upper-Level credits total
  • At least one course for each of the General Education Requirements
  • All requirements for Harpur College (including residency & the Writing requirement)
  • All requirements for at least one Harpur major
  • Free Electives - Most degrees at Binghamton will allow for free electives. These are classes that are not required to fulfill your General Education, Harpur or major requirements, but you may need them to reach your 126 credit hours to graduate. Free electives can include additional majors, minors or prerequisite courses for pre-health, etc. 

We suggest scheduling an appointment with an advisor to take a look at your plan. This is especially important if you receive certain forms of New York state financial aid (TAP, Excelsior, STEM, etc), as you are required to meet specific eligibility guidelines in order to receive your scholarship or grant. Students should familiarize themselves with the NYS Aid Degree Applicable Credit guidelines and discuss academic planning and degree applicability with your advisor.