Intra-University Transfer and Double Degree

Many students enroll at Binghamton University with an undecided major and over the course of their time here find that the major they would like to pursue is in another college. Students who wish to transfer between colleges will need to apply for an "Intra-University Transfer" (IUT). Some students find that they want to pursue two majors in different colleges (e.g., Psychology major in Harpur & Management major in SOM). These students need to apply to the "Double Degree" program.

  • Apply by logging into BU BRAIN; the online application is on the Home tab at the bottom titled "Intra-University/Double-Degree Application for Admission."
  • Notification of admission decisions is made after the conclusion of the current semester and is sent via email.

Intra University Transfer (IUT)

For non-Harpur students wanting to complete an IUT into Harpur college:

Admission requirements: 

  • Harpur College accepts matriculated students with at least a 2.7 cumulative Binghamton grade-point average, or who have earned a 3.0 GPA after two semesters of Harpur College coursework and are otherwise in good standing.
  • Applicants with less than a 2.7 cumulative GPA must talk to Harpur College Academic Advising. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

For Harpur students wanting to complete an IUT out of Harpur college:

Each college has their own admissions requirements. Please check the Admission page and college's advising page about more information regarding IUT requirements. 

College of Community of Public Affairs: Human Development

Students interested in applying to IUT into the Human Development program within CCPA are encouraged to contact the Human Development Academic Advising office. 
Phone: 607-777-9199

College of Community and Public Affairs: Social Work

Students interested in applying to IUT into the Bachelor of Social Work program are encouraged to contact the Social Work Academic Advising office. 
Phone: 607-777-5999

Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences:

Decker encourages students to view the IUT/Double Degree virtual information session to learn more about prerequisite courses and application process . More information can be found here. 
Phone: (607) 777-4954

School of Management:

SOM recommends students have completed microeconomics (ECON 160), macroeconomics (ECON 162), statistics and calculus when applying to IUT. 
Additional information about requirements and policies can be found here.
Phone: (607) 777-2316

Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science:

Students interested in transferring into Watson should visit the Watson Advising Office (EB-M00) for more information about requirements. 
Phone: 607-777-6203

Double Degree 

Double Major or Double Degree?

Double degree: Earn two separate baccalaureate degrees if one of the degrees is a professional degree (BS Accounting, BA Engineering, including Bachelor's in Fine Arts or Bachelor's in Music). 

Double major: Pursue two majors from the same school/college at Binghamton University. For example: BS Biochemistry and BA English or BS Biology and BA Sociology. 

Students wishing to major in a Harpur major and a second major in another school/college at Binghamton (ex: SOM, Watson, HDEV, BFA, or BMus) must be admitted to the Double Degree program, which requires a minimum of 156 credit hours. In this program, students will complete the two baccalaureate degrees (one from each school) simultaneously; the degrees will be awarded together once both are competed. 

Double degree students must complete General Education requirements, both schools' college requirements and both sets of major requirements. This often requires students to take courses during winter and/or summer terms, as well as an extra year of study. Students with sufficient advanced placement or college credit upon entry to Binghamton University may be able to complete both degrees in four years.

Double Degree Requirements:

  • 156 credits total
  • All General Education Requirements
  • Harpur College Requirements:
    • 94 credits of liberal arts coursework
    • 46 credits of upper level (300+) coursework
    • 44 credits of Harpur College coursework
    • Harpur Writing requirement (one of three options):
      • 2 C or J & 3 W courses
      • 3 C or J & 1 W course
      • 4 C or J courses
    • Harpur Major requirements (10-16 courses): Please consult the University Bulletin, Degree Audit or faculty advisor for major requirements 
  • Professional School requirements: Please contact the professional school advising office to determine requirements