POLICIES: List Server Policy

Binghamton University List Server Policy

The Binghamton University list server facility is provided to support the academic, research and administrative activities of the University. All items covered under the ITS Acceptable Use Policy apply to the Binghamton University List Server. The following policies are additions that are specific to the Binghamton University List Server.

Backups of list membership, settings, and archives (if any) are retained for 30 days.


  • ITS will delete lists that remain dormant for a period of 6 months or contain only a single member. In such cases the list owner is notified, and has 30 days to respond to the ITS list manager (helpdesk@binghamton.edu) to request that the list be retained.
  • ITS will delete lists that remain dormant for a period of 12 months, contain no members, or are being used to promote commercial organizations without notification. In the case of promoting commercial organizations, the list owner's access may also be suspended from the Binghamton University list server.

Lists may be renamed at ITS's discretion for the following reasons:

  • The list name represents a University Department, Organization, or Academic Course when there is no association to the list owner.
  • The list name uses inappropriate language.
  • The list name contains non-alphanumeric characters that may interfere with mail handling.
  • The list name is derogatory to the reputation of Binghamton University.

List names may be recycled when they become available.


  • Lists on the Binghamton University list server must be owned by a current Binghamton University affiliate. The list owner must use their current Binghamton University email address.
  • The list owner is responsible for the behavior of the participants and use of their lists.
  • People not associated with Binghamton University can be invited to participate on lists, but lists will not be provided for the use of outside organizations without appropriate permission.


  • Lists with non-Binghamton University subscribers must use subscription confirmations.
  • List subscriptions cannot be enforced and must allow a participant to 'opt out'.
  • Lists cannot be set up as open so non-subscribers can post to them.