100 - Computer and Network Usage Policy (Acceptable Use) - This policy governs the use of information technology resources at Binghamton.

200 - Copyright and Fair Use Policies - These policies describe Binghamton University's guidelines on the use of copyrighted materials.

300 - Binghamton University Listserv Policy - This policy provides guidelines for appropriate use of listservs at Binghamton, and for who may manage them.

400 - Binghamton University Policies on the World Wide Web - These policies provide usage and style guidelines for departments and individuals who will post information on web pages on the University's equipment or network.

450 - Binghamton University Privacy Policy - This policy provides information about how information provided by electronic visitors to the campus may be used.

500 - Guidelines for Data Security - This policy provides guidelines for handling and storing sensitive information.

550 - Information Security Policy and Procedure - This policy governs the use of sensitive and/or confidential information by University employees.

600 - Laptop Loaner Policy - This policy outlines the guidelines for the "Laptop Loaner Program" available to all University faculty and staff.

700 - Recycling Computer Equipment Containing Confidential Information - This policy outlines the procedure to follow when disposing of computer equipment containing sensitive information.

800 - Technology Maintenance Day Policy ITS, in conjunction with the academic community of Binghamton University, holds two Technology Maintenance Days per calendar year, during the spring and fall semesters. Maintenance days are noted on the academic calendar. This document outlines the communication process and channels associated with maintenance days to ensure that the university community is aware of planned outages and can properly plan for those outages.