Path to MS for Non-ME majors

Path to Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering
for Non-ME Undergraduate Majors

While the majority of students who pursue the masters of science (MS) in mechanical engineering have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, a path to pursue the MS degree is available to students with bachelor’s degrees that are not in mechanical engineering.

Students may have undergraduate degrees in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, among others. For these applicants, obtaining an MS degree in mechanical engineering can be an excellent way to pursue a new career, expand your professional network, and develop important professional and academic skills.

Core courses required

Students with a non-ME background will be asked to complete the core courses in the table below before being considered for admission. Applicants may have already fulfilled some of these requirements as part of pursuing their undergraduate degree (in particular in the math, science and computer science categories). We are happy to review your transcripts to assess which requirements have already been met. Many of these courses are available online at Binghamton University.

A student should apply for admission after completing these core courses. Your application can be processed in an expedited way, so that applicants completing courses in a particular semester (e.g. summer) can be considered for admission in the next semester (e.g. fall). 

List of core courses for non-ME majors applying to the ME MS program

  Math Science Computer Science Engineering Science
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
Physics I*

Intro to Programming**

  • Statics**
  • Solid Mechanics**
  • Dynamics**
Recommended   Physics II*  
  • Thermodynamics**
  • Fluid Mechanics**

* Physics must be calculus based
** Available online at Binghamton University 

How we assess

Per our standard admissions procedure, applicants must submit GRE scores and (if required) English proficiency scores. You will also be assessed based on your entire graduate school application, which includes undergraduate GPA, personal statement, resume and reference letters. An undergraduate degree is required by the time a student starts the MS program.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers five different specializations. We recommend that ME Advance Program students pursue the design and manufacturing specialization. Click here for more information.

How to apply

Completing Core Courses 

If a student wishes to complete the UG core courses at Binghamton University, they should apply to the Graduate School as a non-matriculated student (students with a completed bachelor’s degree).  

Once admitted as a non-matriculated student, individuals have the opportunity to take their bridge courses online in the summer. Summer registration information

Applying to the MS in Mechanical Engineering Program

After completing the core courses, students will apply to the master's in mechanical engineering graduate program. This will generate a new application tab in their already existing record.

You must complete the appropriate application and then receive a formal admission offer for the graduate degree.

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