Specializations and Course Listings

Below you will find a list of Mechanical Engineering graduate specializations and a course listing for each area. In each specialization, students develop skills in the following: 

  • Design and Manufacturing - computer-aided design, optimal design, design with reliability, additive manufacturing, micro- and nano-fabrication

  • Dynamics and Mechatronics – electromechanical system dynamics, microstructural vibrations, rigid-body dynamics, MEMS/NEMS, novel acoustic measurement techniques, mechatronics, robotics, microscale vibrations and acoustics, nonlinear dynamics, sensors and actuators, control systems
  • Materials - materials characterization, microstructure/property relationships, thin films, computational materials, interfacial phenomena, functional materials, materials processing
  • Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Design- mechanics of materials and structures, computational mechanics, biomechanics, waves and vibration, computer-aided design, design optimization, design with reliability, design for additive manufacturing
  • Transport Phenomena and Energy - heat and mass transfer in biological/environmental/industrial applications, microfluidics/nanofluidics, complex fluids, mechanobiology, interfacial phenomena/wetting, additive manufacturing, energy generation, energy storage, energy efficient space heating and cooling, smart electronics and data center cooling, small-scale power harvesting

 Design and Manufacturing courses include:

New courses 2024/2025: ME 519X Advanced Finite Element Analysis; ME 573X Micro/Nanomaterials Processing

Faculty associated with this: Chiarot, Ke, Liu, Murray, Park, Razavi, Schiffres, Zhang, Zhao

Dynamics and Mechatronics courses include:

Faculty associated with this: Homentcovschi, Miles, Pitarresi, Selleck, Towfighian, Younis, Yu, Zaychik, J. Zhou

Materials courses include:

New course Fall 2024: ME 573X Micro/Nanomaterials Processing

Faculty associated with this: Cho, Liu, Murray, Singler, Yong, Zhao, G. Zhou

Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Design courses include:

New course spring 2025: ME 519X – Advanced Finite Element Analysis

Faculty associated with this: Ke, Park, Razavi, Schiffres, Wagner, Zhang

Transport Phenomena and Energy courses include:

Faculty associated with this: Chiarot, Daskiran, Huang, Liu, Murray, Sammakia, Singler, Yong, Schiffres