Faculty Personnel Information

Faculty-related personnel information may be found on the the Office of the Provost's site.  This includes obligation dates, Bartle Professorships, Bartle Librarianship, Guidelines for Distinguished Professorships, Personnel Cases, and Sabbatical Requests.

Faculty Employment

The SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees defines terms such as academic staff, academic rank, qualified academic rank, and academic employee.  The policies define Academic Rank as that held by those in titles such as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor.  Titles such as librarian, associate librarian, senior assistant librarian and assistant librarian are also included.  The policies also further define Qualified Academic Rank as the rank held by those members of the academic staff having titles of lecturer, or those preceded with designations such as clinical, visiting or similar designations.

Bartle Memos

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to faculty employment


Professional Development

For discussion of career goals and assistance in resume development, explore the Career Coaching Services through the Joint UUP/Labor-Management program.  Contact John Wojcio at jwojcio@binghamton.edu

Professional Development opportunities are available through the Center for Learning and Teaching.