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Graduate students register for fall courses in the spring and vice versa.  Details about registering for Independent Study, Pre-Dissertation Research, and Dissertation Research are included in the Degree Progress Checklist (available Oct. 2017). Please refer to the checklist for answers to these questions.

International students have separate requirements for full-time registration. The International Students and Scholars Office will have that information.

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Thesis & Dissertation

Master's Students generally do not submit a thesis, but take comprehensive exams, instead. Meet with Dr. Nelson to make arrangements. Refer to the Degree Progress Checklist for details.

PhD Students will complete a Preliminary Defense, as a way to receive guidance for their dissertation work. Speak with your advisor to make arrangements and refer to the information on your Degree Progress Checklist for details on both pre-lim and dissertation.

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Recommendation to Candidacy (ABD)

​​Submitting Dissertation

Graduate Application for Degree

Recommendation for Award of Degree (MS and PhD) is now online at my.binghamton