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Laboratory Animal Resources


Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) provides for the care and well-being of vertebrate animals used in research, training, and education by supporting the animal-related needs of researchers, educators and students while complying with the highest standards of care described by AAALAC International and state and federal regulations.

Working with Animals

If you are planning to work with animals, the following is needed:

  • Successful completion of online training (see "Online Training" below)
  • Attendance at an in-person Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Laboratory Safety Training session
  • Completion and review of the health questionnaire form (see "Occupational Health and Safety Program - Health Questionnaire" below)

See the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) policy, Requirements for Working with Animals, for more details.

Online Training

For access to CITI Program online training, go to Required courses are listed in Requirements for Working with Animals.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

Faculty, staff, and students intending on working with animals must fill out this online Health Questionnaire.

Individuals without a B-number must fill out a hardcopy form and submit it to the LAR office, Science V, 153: Health Questionnaire

Note: BEFORE FILLING OUT YOUR HEALTH SCREENING FORM, have the date of your last Tetanus immunization handy.  
Visiting Animals for Education, Demonstration or Training



If you have an accident or get injured, get medical help if needed. Report your injury/illness to your supervisor, and complete a form CS-13, Report of Accident or Injury.


Contact Us

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