Watson/STEM MBA 4+1 program

Designed exclusively for Binghamton University students in the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Watson/STEM MBA 4+1 program allows students to complete their first year of MBA coursework during their senior year.

The program option allows you to earn an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Binghamton University in only five years, saving you one year of graduate tuition.

Program Highlights

  • Apply as a junior and begin taking graduate courses during your senior year
  • Increase your marketability and earning potential - the combination of an undergraduate engineering degree and an MBA is highly sought after by recruiters
  • Save time and money on your path to earning a graduate degree
  • No prerequisite coursework required
  • Customize your curriculum or declare a concentration in Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Leadership/Consulting and Supply Chain Management. Learn more about our elective course offerings here.

Are you an ISE major looking to dive into business analytics? A Systems Science student with an interest in Management Information Systems? Or simply looking to apply your technical skillset to the dynamic world of business? There are several benefits associated with applying your Watson education towards a career path in management.

The program provides a complementary addition to any engineering degree. There is much more to software development than solely technical expertise. The program taught me the importance of forecasting trends, business impact and organizational behavior in the tech industry. As a program manager at Microsoft, I apply my interpersonal, business and technical skills simultaneously each and every day. 

Roseanne Levasseur '15, MBA '16
Program Manager, Microsoft


How does it work? 

Provided you meet MBA admission requirements, you are permitted to take three MBA classes during your junior and/or senior year: Accounting (MGMT 501), Managerial Economics (MGMT 502) and Finance (MGMT 505). These courses may count towards fulfilling your technical and/or free electives. At the end of your senior year you receive your undergraduate degree and proceed into your fifth year as an official graduate student.

The Watson/STEM MBA 4+1 program requires a two-step admissions process: conditional admission to the program in your junior year, and formal admission to the Graduate School during your senior year. All engineering majors are eligible, with the exception of bioengineering.

Conditional Admission to Watson/STEM MBA 4+1 program

You must apply to the program by the spring of your junior year.

The application deadline is March 15.

If offered conditional admission, you will be able to register for select 'core' MBA courses during your senior year.

When applying, you must submit the following materials using the application form at the link below. Please reach out to to Molly Pianella (mpianella@binghamton.edu) with any questions: 

  • Copy of GMAT or GRE scores (Please note: While we accept GMAT and GRE scores for consideration, they are not required for our MBA program)
  • Personal statement describing why you are interested in pursuing the MBA
  • Current resume
  • Unofficial transcript from BU Brain
  • Two letters of recommendations (these can be from employers, professors or instructors). These can be sent directly to Molly Pianella at mpianella@binghamton.edu

How to apply

Apply through your my.binghamton portal and click 4+1 Intent Application.

Students admitted into this program option typically have an undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher. Applicants with significant work experience and/or strong GMAT/GRE scores (while not required) are also considered for admission.

Formal Admission to the Graduate School

During the spring of your senior year (88+ undergraduate credits), you will need to formally apply to the Graduate School. Check with your advisor/department to find out if there are any special deadlines or requirements necessary for accelerated degree program applicants. When applying, choose the "Accelerated Graduate Degree Application for Admission" option through BU Brain .

Learn more about the admissions process to apply for an accelerated degree at the Graduate School

Course Curriculum: Watson/STEM MBA 4+1 program

During your senior year, you are required to complete the following courses: MGMT 501, 502 and 505 (see curriculum and timeline below). These classes will be applied toward fulfilling the technical and/or professional electives necessary to graduate from your undergraduate engineering program. 

Based on the technical components required within our accredited engineering and computer science programs, you will automatically be waived from 12 credit hours of graduate elective coursework, with the possibility of two additional MBA courses: Statistics & Management Information Systems. On completion of your senior year, you will receive your baccalaureate degree, and are officially admitted into the MBA program during your fifth year.

Visit the Watson Advising website, or speak with your academic advisor for any questions regarding your program's curriculum and graduation requirements.

Concentrations: To complete a concentration, a minimum of four courses (sixteen credit hours) is required. Concentrations are optional. Learn more about our elective course offerings here.

For students

Below is a sample schedule for students who entered in Fall 2023 or later.

Degree requirements and curriculum plans vary among degrees and catalog years. Please refer to your DegreeWorks or contact the SOM Graduate Advising Office to see your degree requirements and what is required for each semester.

4th Year (Required MBA Courses)
Fall Semester Spring Semester
MGMT 501: Accounting (fall only) MGMT 502: Economics (spring only)
MGMT 505: Finance (fall only) MGMT 507: Operations Management* (or fall or spring of year 5)
5th Year (Graduate Status)
Fall Semester Spring Semester
MGMT 504: Programming for Business Analytics MGMT 506: Marketing
MGMT 508: Organizational Behavior (fall only) MGMT 540: Strategic Management (spring only)
Elective Elective 
Elective Elective (optional)
  • At least three graduate electives must be technical electives.
  • Mechanical Engineering students must take statistics prior to MGMT 507
  • ISE students waived from MGMT 507 (Operations Management)
  • ECON -- students have the option of taking MGMT 502 in SOM or as micro economics through another program, whether at Binghamton University or community college or distance.

Contact somgrad@binghamton.edu or call (607) 777-4696 with general questions. You can also contact:

One-Year STEM MBA Option

Watson students may also be eligible for our One-Year STEM MBA program option, which allows students without an undergraduate degree in business to earn an MBA in only one calendar year.

Prerequisite coursework in microeconomics and statistics is required.